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During this period of development, Madura's contribution towards the national economy is growing and diversifying. Besides the traditional farming sector, natural resources such as oil and natural gas are beginning to be exploited. No less tourism. With an infrastructure now deemed capable of handling numbers of visitors, it can be expected that the flow of tourists into Madura should increase rapidly in the near future

If, in the past, people tended to avoid Madura as a place to visit, then it was because of a lack of facilities. But now conditions are different and good roads run the whole away along the length of the island. Reasonable accommodation, too, can be found in all the major towns. In short, Madura is prepared for tourism and is now looking towards improving super structural aspects, in the form of hotels, restaurants, terminals, shopping centres etc.

Furthermore, East Java's Regional Government is currently planning the construction of a bridge which will connect Tanjung Perak with Kamal. Barring obstacles the SURAMADU bridge project should be underway in the near future. This ambitious task stirs the imagination when one considers standing at the half way point and enjoying the panorama, as well as watching the numerous sea-going vessels which regularly make their way across the straits. The bridge will, without a doubt, prove to be a major tourist attraction and a photographer's dream.

Though still receiving comparatively few foreign visitors, the island of Madura is already well known for its bull races, the bold designs and colours of its batik textiles, its sate (cooked meat on skewers) and veto (soup), as well as an enviable number of unspoiled beaches. For plant enthusiasts, the Bonsai Casuarina ( cemara udang ) is unique to Madura. Until now we have only mentioned Madura's main island. In addition, there is a string of around 66 more small islands running off to the east of Sumenep and comprising a part of that administrative district.
These islands include the Kangean Group, which lie due north of the island of Bali. Planning and development could turn this beautiful mini-archipelago into an incomparable marine resort, equipped with all facilities, including opportunities for all kinds of water sports and marine activities.

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