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The population of East Java stood at 31,708,003 at the end of May 1992. From this figure, the inhabitants of Madura accounted for 1,509,431 females and 1,367,763 males. Spread among the four Regencies the population figures are as follows:

SUMENEP : 914, 053
BANGKALAN : 717, 600
PAMEKASAN : 624, 592
SAMPANG : 620, 949

Until the end of the 1970's one could say that the Madurese led a hard, uncertain existence whether their livelihood was sought through farming, fishing or business In the last few years, however, technological progress has brought about increased living standards, improved roads, waterworks, electricity, land and sea travel, as well as communication in general. The result is an economy that stands at a higher level than it did 20 years ago.


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