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The Kangean group consists of about thirty islands Iying to the east of Sumenep. Most important among them are the islands of Kangean, Saobi, Paliat, Sabunten, Sapeken, Saseel and Sepanjang.
Others include Saur, Saebus and Kemaron, as well as the smallest island of all, known as Bungin.

Nowadays the sea route connecting Kalianget and Kangean is serviced by reliable and regular transport, provided by the ASDP (River, Lake and Ferry Transport) and the private company P T Cahaya Makkarannu. Two ships, the KM Kuala Bate (ASDP) and the KM Cahaya Mattiro Sompe, capable of carrying 400 passengers and 300 tons of cargo, depart twice a week for a relatively low cost of Rp.6,500 per passenger.
Other privately owned ferries, such as the 'Aries' and Ponteng III, operate in between the above-mentioned schedule, thus making the Kangean Islands easily accessible.
Almost all of the islands display great natural beauty, white sandy beaches and the potential to become an incomparable marine resort. The inhabitants of Saur, in fact, are already used to small groups of foreign visitors, who sail there directly by yacht from nearby Bali.
Perhaps the most exotic experience of all, however. is to land on the tiny islandr , which measures only 50 X 35 metres, yet is several kilometres from the next neighbouring land mass.

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