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Bromo Mountain

Bromo mountain, is the most popular destination in Indonesia that always been visited by both local or foreign. The mountain belongs to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Bromo Mountain is an active volcanic mountain that located in Probolinggo regency, East Java. At 2,329 meters (7,641 ft) it is not the highest peak, but is the most well known mountain.

House Of Sampoerna

House of Sampoerna is located in "old Surabaya", and has Dutch colonial style compound that was built in 1858 and has become a preserved historical site. The building was previously used as an orphanage managed by the Dutch. Then, it was purchased in 1932 by Liem Seeng Tee, the founder of Sampoerna, with the intention to use it as Sampoerna's first major cigarette production facility.

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater or Kawah Ijen is a complex of volcanic area, which includes crater of Ijen and its plateau, which has 2,600M and 8,660 M high. Ijen crater is located on the borders of three regencies, Situbondo, Bondowoso, and Banyuwangi. The volcanic area is the most incredible and surreal volcanic area which has a gigantic turquois crater lake in East Java.

Singosari Temple

Singosari temple, also known as Kendedes temple, was built to honor to King Kertanegara, the last king of Singosari dynasty, who died in 1292 AD. The temple was built in 1300 AD at the same time which Sradha ritual ceremony took place. Singosari temple is a symbol of the existence of Malang regency from years ago.

Jampit Coffee Plantation

Jampit coffee plantations, is an agro-tourism attraction in Bondowoso, which is managed by PTP Nusantara Kalista Jampit VII. The plantation is located ±74 km to the east district Bondowoso. Jampit Coffee plantation covers 4000 hectares area and is located at an altitude of 900 M above sea level.

Other Attractions

Taman Safari
Indonesia Safari Park II is located at Jatiarjo village Prigen distric, Pasuruan regency. The wildlife conservation park is a branch of Cisarua - Bogor Indonesia Safari Park. As a wildlife conservation park, Taman Safari Indonesia has various wild animal collections. There are 3 zones in over 340 hectares, wild life zone, attraction zone and baby zoo zone.

Monumen Kapal Selam
Submarine Monument or Monkasel, is a submarine museum located at the heart of Surabaya town. This monument was submarine Pasopati KRI 410, one of the Indonesian Navy fleet made by Soviet Union in 1952. The submarine was involved in the Battle of Aru Ocean to free West Papua from the Dutch occupation. This Submarine has 76.6 meters length and a width of 6.30 meters and equipped with 12 pieces steam torpedo gas.

Sukamade Beach
Sukamade Beach is located in the village of Sarongan, District Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi. The beach is a part of Meru Betiri National Park and is an intensive zone used for observation of turtle eggs and turtle hatchlings release. At the beach, visitors can witness the turtles nesting and race to reach the shore.

Trowulan site is a historic district of archeological sites from Majapahit period. The site is located in the district of Trowulan, Mojokerto, East Java. The findings in museum Trowulan indicate that Trowulan site was quite advanced settlements. In the complex, there are several temples that adjacent to each other and always crowded by visitors such as Tikus Temple, Bajang Ratu, Menak Jingga Temple and other historical sites.

Plengkung Beach
G-Land or Plengkung beach is known as one of the best surfing beaches in the world. The word G in G-Land derives from Grajagan, the name of the bay where huge waves can be found at south Banyuwangi. G-Land offers the world’s most demanding surfing spot which recommended only for professional surfers. May to October is the best time for surfing, and it becomes the paradise world of surfer.

Penataran Temple
Penataran is the largest and the most important Hindu temple complex in East Java. It is located 10 Kilometers at north of Blitar on the lower slopes of Mt. Kelud. The temple was dedicated to the Siva and used for at least three hundred years, from the 12th to 15th centuries. Most of the buildings, which can be seen today, however, were constructed during Majapahit's golden century.

Coban Rondo
Coban Rondo is located at Pandesari village, Pujon District, on the slope of Mount Panderman ±32 km to the west from Malang. The height of waterfall is ±60 meter. It is a place where visitors can enjoy the peaceful and beautiful panorama of the waterfall.

Agro Kusuma
Kusuma Agro tourism is located in Ngaglik village, Batu district. It is a one stop shopping service that offers nature beauty and recreational site at the same time. The unforgettable experience can be found here by visiting apple plantation, flower field, coffee field, strawberry, and hydroponics vegetables, which all are organic. Kusuma Agro tourism lies in 17-acre plantation. The tourism object allows its visitors to pick apple directly from the tree.

Cheng Hoo Mosque
Cheng Hoo Mosque in Surabaya is a Chinese Muslim nuanced Mosque that located on Gading Street, Ketabang, Genteng, Surabaya, near to the City Hall Building. Cheng Ho Mosque is also known by the name of Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque in Surabaya, derived from the name of a Chinese Muslim Admiral. During his travel in Southeast Asia, besides doing his business trade and making friends, Cheng Ho also spread Islam.

Purwodadi Botanical Garden
Purwodadi Botanical garden is a branch of Bogor botanical Garden that is managed by LIPI (Indonesian Scientific Institution). In the area, the visitor can see various collections of plant. Beside, the Botanical Garden is also a recreational place and a place for research on botany. It is quite easy to access from Surabaya and it takes only about 90 minute drives.

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