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EastJava.com is one of Indonesia tourism site that succeed to get an award of Indonesia Travel Tourism 2010/2011

As the complete tourism site in Indonesia and has become the main reference of East Java tourism information by any institution or personal need, EastJava.com has more than 10.000 pages and 5000 East Java tourism pictures, and 1000 clip videos. By increase its site contents to compete with others tourism sites in the world, then till today, EastJava.com has page rank 6 from search engine Google.com. It means that EastJava.com has millions of visits each day, the number of pages more than 10,000 pages and is able to compete with other tourism websites in the world.

EastJava.com has been established since 1998 and contains all information about tourism in 29 regencies and 9 cities. Not only that, in addition to review information about tourism objects, photographs and video, EastJava.com also give information about each district and municipal accommodation such as a list of hotels, restaurants, travel agents and even business-to-business information that is being developed in East Java. Therefore, EastJava.com has become a major reference for tourists and other person who need information about East Java.

To maintain the quality of the contents, EastJava.com always up to date data with the latest information. In addition, based on information and technology development in the world, EastJava.com also has launched a mobile application in three systems including; IOS, Android and Windows. Travel To East Java application is the EastJava.com dedication to tourism in East Java to be better known by the tourists in the world, because this application can be downloaded for free by all users of ipad, iphone, android and windows phone / tablet from around the world.

Travel To East Java applications is also as complete as EastJava.com website. In this application we can obtain the information about tourism in East Java that includes the articles, photographs and list of hotels. Because it can be downloaded free of charge, so it looks like we spread a free brochure to the worldwide via mobile and tablets. Therefore we expect that the presence of this applications in three system, Indonesia tourism more famous and known by many foreign tourists.

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