September Tourism Calendar

Traditional Art performances and new creations in the Art Building

12 September 2015

A Traditional Art performances and new creations by an art group / studio, school and college, in order to motivate the artists to be more creative.
Location: Malang

Kakang Mbakyu Tourism Ambassador Election Malang 2015

19 September 2015

This event is kind of beauty contest that looking for tourism ambassador frontier for Malang tourism promotion at 2015-2016 period.
Location: Malang


September 2015

Manten Kucing or cat wedding is an annual event from Pelem Village. At early begin, this ritual was held to ask for raining. Today, the inhabitants still running for this ritual to commemorate Mbah Sangkrah, the founder of this ritual.
Location: Coban Kromo, Pelem Village, Campurdarat

Sapi Sonok

20 September 2015

In addition to Sumenep bull racing, Madurese is also has Sapi Sonok culture or beauty contest for female cows. The contestants of the cows are dressed like a model and it shows by using Saronen traditional music.
Location: GOR A. Yani

Bull Racing

27 September 2015

This annual event is very popular, both national or international. Kerapan Sapi is not only event for fun, but it also a prestigious event for some level of society in Madura.
Location: Kerapan Sapi Giling

Reog Performance At Full Moon

28 September 2015

Reog Performance is regularly held every night at full moon, precisely at 14th night in 15th month, in Javanese calendar. This performance is begin with the appearance of dance studio that have been scheduled and some students from school-participating. The peak of the event will closed with a Reog performance that starts at 20.00 s / d 23.00.
Location: Main Stage city Square, Ponorogo

Waranggana Graduation

Besar Month at Javanese calendar (September 2015)

This is a Graduation Procession for waranggana that already passed Ulah Bekso and Ulah Suara. This event is has purpose to raise the degree of waranggana tayub and tayub art in Nganjuk.
Location: Punden Mbah Ageng and Mbah Budha Ngrajek Village, Sambirejo district. Tanjunganom

Kite Festival

September 2015

This festival is showing the creativity of the participants that decorative kites in various shapes and combined with striking colors, to create an attractive landscape.
Location: Edupark Pakuwon City Open Area (University of Widya Mandala)

Cultural Parade Bojonegoro

September /Oktober 2015

This Bojonegoro cultural Parade is an effort of development and utilization of local arts and culture, history and tradition that has a diversity in many aspects.
Location: Pendapa Malawapati, Jl. Mas Tumapel

Eksponak 2015

19 – 20 September 2015

This is a typical of livestock contest 2015 in Kediri is an activity that is designed to raise Government awareness to improve the quality of human resources by consuming animal protein.
Location: Papar Village Square

Cleaning Bagong Dam Ceremony

Friday Kliwon at Selo month (Javanese calendar)

This annual event is held to cleand Bagong Dam and as a commemorating Menak Sopal as the developer of Bagong Dam.
Location: Menak Sopal Tomb and Bagong Dam in the Surodakan Village, Trenggalek

Kite Festival

September 2015

Kite festival at Mount Bromo sand sea is organized by the local government. Probolinggo government is having cooperate with the Hall of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park in an effort to promote and enhance the tourist attractions in the area of Mount Bromo.
Location: Sand Sea Mount Bromo

Cultural Arts Festival

September 2015

This Arts Festival performance is a Probolinggo tayub culture, which is implemented in Madakaripura. Local peoople believe that Madakaripuran was a hermitage of Gajah Mada.
Location: Madakaripura Probolinggo

Kacong Jebbing Tourism Ambassador Election, Bangkalan

September 2015

This is a beauty contest for Kacong Jebbing tourism ambassador to present Bangkalan tourism.
Location: Bangkalan

Bull Racing on District Level

September 2015

This is an annual event organized by the Department of Youth Sports Culture and Tourism District. Bangkalan. The winners at the district level will be sent to the Presidential Grand in Pamekasan.
Location: Bangkalan

Bangkalan Fair and Bangkalan Anniversary

September 2015

This is an exhibition event that held to celebrate Bangkalan anniversary.
Location: Bangkalan

Sendangbiru Sea Offering

September 2015

The ceremony is a form of gratitude to Almighty God for the abundant fish catches for the fisherman around Malang.
Location: Sendangbiru Beach, Malang

Yadnya Karo

September 2015

Yadnya Karo is Karo ceremony for Tengger people, or it is like Eid for Muslims. At this celebration , there will be Sodoran dance performs that depicting the creation of man.
Location: Pasuruan

Pasuruan Festival

September 2015

This is an exhibition that displays all the tourism potential from Pasuruan (Travel Attractions, dance, music, religious, culinary and industrial). This activity is supported by Pasuruan Tourism Forum.
Location: Pasuruan

Sanggring Kolak Ayam

September 2015

According to the story of this activity was started during the reign of Giri Kedaton, which at that time Gumeno villagers got plague for no reason. Then the local authorities ordered to make chicken stew and compote to the society, that turned out to be the best drug for people who get the disease.
Location: Gresik