June Tourism Calendar

15 June : Culture and Tourism Fair

It is an annual event packaged in the form of cultural performances, preceded with a colossal folk drama, continued with a cultural performance of various local cultures participated by Kediri people and from other Regencies/Cities of East Java. Tourism and Industry exhibition is also held to highlight the program.
Location: Front Yard of Kediri Government Office and Simpang Lima Gumul

June/held on Friday Pon (Hijriah Almanacs) Sarangan Offering Festival

It is an annual event held to conserve the history and culture of Lake Sarangan. It is also aims to commemorate the time when the Lake Sarangan was formed, by arranging events :

  • Ritual village purification
  • Ritual offering sand float procession of Gono Odor Tumpeng (rice cone)
  • Reyog performance, marching band, lion dance, and other dances
  • Live music entertainment

Location: Lake Sarangan - Magetan Regency

June - July : Semipro Week Event

It Is a one week event organized annually by the government of Probolinggo to accommodate the local culture to be prestigious tourist attractions such as Bull races and Goat races.
Location: Probolinggo