June Tourism Calendar

PENTAS Reog Performance at Full Moon

2 June 2015

Reog Performance is regularly held every night at full moon, precisely at 14th night in 15th month, in Javanese calendar. This performance is begin with the appearance of dance studio that have been scheduled and some students from school-participating. The peak of the event will closed with a Reog performance that starts at 20.00 s / d 23.00.
Location: Main Stage city Square, Ponorogo

Traditional Art Performances and new creations in the Art Building

13 June 2015

Traditional art performances and new creations is held by an art group studio, school and college regularly, in order to motivate the artists to be more creative
Location: Malang

Malang Street Percussion Festival

14 June 2015

This is a performance of street smart percussion in outdoor that play various traditional drumming by using any used thing or train without machines. The train is attractively decorated. This event offers a blend of harmonizing tones (audio) and beautiful vehicles.
Location: Malang

Bung Karno Anniversary

19 s/d 21 June

This is the anniversary of Bung Karno in addition to the commemoration day of the death of him since July 21, 1970, it also becomes a media to acknowledge the struggle and teachings of Bung Karno.
Location: Gebang Palace, Bung Karno the amphitheater Library, Bung Karno Tomb

Semipro (A week in Probolinggo City)

21/s/d 27 June 2015

Semipro event is one of the largest events in the city of Probolinggo that being held once every year. It helds since 2009 by featuring a variety of activities including arts and cultural performances, Sports and Festival competitions.
Location: Kab. Probolinggo

Patrol Competition

Month of Ramadan (June / July 2015)

Competition that conducted to preserve the tradition and to waking up the people at dawn in Ramadan
Location: City Square. Lamongan

Gus and Yuk Tourism Ambassador Election

June 2015 to commemorate Mojokerto Anniversary 19:00 pm (Grand Final)

Selection Gus and Yuk (Tourism Ambassador) Mojokerto
Location: Mojokerto City Hall and GOR Majapahit  Jl. Gajah Mada 145 and 147 Mojokerto

Rontek Festival Pacitan

June 2015

Rontek Gugah Sahur Festival is a new tradition of art and culture from Pacitan. The festival is held every year in the month of Ramadan and becoming Festival which has high value of art and culture.
Location: Pacitan Square

Bersih Desa Ceremony

June 2015

This ceremony is taken from folklore, precisely in Blimbing District, Klabang regency. This ceremony is an expression of gratitude to God Almighty, Who Describes Life of A Model Named Juk Seng who has Supernatural Power, and he has ability to Transform himself Into A Lion that able Against Crime in the village.
Location: Blimbing village, Klabang district.

Sunan Ampel 565th anniversary

June 2015

An activity in commemoration of the death of Sunan Ampel, by holding a variety of activities like Mass Circumcision, mass prayer or social activities.
Location: Sunan Ampel Mosque and Tomb Complex

Arya Wiraraja Walking Commemoration

June 2015

An activities to commemorate Arya Wiraraja in Beteng Biting. This activity aims to preserve the legacy of East Majapahit, which is Biting site.
Location: Biting, Kutorenon Village, Sukodono district.

Food Festivals in East Java

June 2015

It is an annual event organized by East Java Department of Culture and Tourism, as an attempt to introduce the Java specialties in regional, national and international, and can be expressed specifically in the hotel and restaurant as one of the potential culinary tourist attraction in East Java
Location: Candra Wilwatikta, Pandaan

Gebyar Labuhan Sarangan

June 2015

An activity in order to clean and preserve the history of the village Sarangan by holding a variety of activities including: cleaning up the village, gives offering to the ocean, Reyog attraction, Lion Dance and traditional arts.
Location: Magetan

Permata (End Year School Camp)

June 2015

End year school camp is held every year and it followed by Gadingmangu Boarding School Pupils from all over Indonesia with the number of participants could reach 25,000 people. The series of activities include: lecture / discussion, cooperative product bazaar / SME boarding school, performing arts, social service and outbound.
Location: Jombang

Culinary Festival

June – Juli 2015

Series of culinary festival from Kediri, followed by the community in celebrating Kediri Anniversary (Kediri in a week)
Location: Jl. Dhoho

Dhoho Street Festival

June – Juli 2015

Series of culinary festival from Kediri, followed by the community in celebrating Kediri Anniversary (Kediri in a week)
Location: Jl. Dhoho

Brantas River Festival

June – July 2015

A series of cultural arts performances and exhibitions are held on the banks of the river Brantas (Kediri in a week)
Location: Brantas River

Larung Sesaji

June – July 2015

Larung Sesaji is an offerings that placed in boat containing agricultural products in Brantas River to commemoration of the anniversary of Kediri.
Location: Brantas River