February Tourism Calendar

8 February : Anniversary of Pasuruan

The activity to commemorate the anniversary of Pasuruan Municipality held at UNSUR Sport Arena. The event includes ceremonial anniversary and the exhibition of old Pasuruan.
Location: Pasuruan Mucipality

13 February : Peta Colossal Drama

It is held to commemorate PETA (Motherland Defence), a rebellion against Japan's colonialism in Blitar in 1945 led by Sudanco Soeprijadi. The colossal drama aims to honor the heroes and cultural values for the youngsters.
Location: PETA monument – Blitar

14 - 15 February : Old Pasuruan

Old Pasuruan (Pasuruan Tempo Doeloe) is held to commemorate the anniversary of Pasuruan Municipality. The exhibition is participated by Government Offices and Schools in Pasuruan Municipality exhibiting books, photos, and culinary describing Pasuruan city in the past. The exhibitors also wear traditional clothes used by people in the past.
Location: Pasuruan Municipality

February : The Election of the East Java Traditional Dance Ambassador 2014

This activity is held to elect talented traditional dancers to promote East Java traditional dances. The elected dancers should be able to perform at least 2 (two) East Java traditional dance in five areas of ethnic cultures in East Java Province, namely:

  • The ethnic culture of Arek (Remodance, Beskalandance, and Malang Maskdance)
  • The ethnic culture of Osing (Gandrung dance and Jejer Banyuwangi dance)
  • The ethnic culture of Madura (Pecut dance, Etak Mask dance and Gambus dance)
  • The ethnic culture of Mataraman (Gambyong dance, Surakartan Classical dance or traditional dance grown in Ponorogo, Madiun, Blitar, Pacitan)

Location: Surabaya