February Tourism Calendar

Reyog Performance at full moon night

February 4, 2015

Performing Reog full moon held regularly every night of the full moon on the 14th night 15 months java. Reog appearance of the full moon begins with the appearance of dance studios that have been scheduled and from school-participating schools come to fill these activities. And at the peak of the event closed with a performance reog and starts at 20.00 s / d 23.00.
Location: Main Stage City Square. Ponorogo

Anniversary of Pasuruan, Carnival Pataka Fortunately Suropati

February 8, 2015

Pataka carnival is a warrant for Untung Suropati that became a Milestone establishment of Pasuruan. The Muspida officers come to be part of Carnival, they dress up in Pasuruan traditional costume.
Location: GOR Untung Suropati in. Jl. Sultan Agung 36 Pasuruan

PETA Colossal Drama

February 14, 2015

This colossal drama was held to commemorate the PETA uprising against the Japanese invaders in Blitar in 1945, tha led by Sudanco Soeprijadi.
Location: PETA Monument Complex

Petik laut Ceremony

February 17 and 7 Shawwal (Feast Ketupat) 2015

The Society and the Muspida officers together to board the traditional boat ride that has been decorated in advance, toward the ocean to witness the release of offerings, and at the same time there will be ritual of eating together in the middle of the sea. This activity is a series of Pasuruan Anniversary activities which runs regularly every year, and it is held twice a year, ie on 17 February and 7 Shawwal (Eid Ketupat)
Location: Port of Pasuruan, Ngemplak Rejo sub-district, Panggung Rejo district

Pacitan Anniversary

February 19, 2015

The Anniversary of Pacitan is also the founding of Pacitan, which is celebrated on every February 19. The Anniversary event will lasted for 10 days.
Location: Pacitan Square

Art & Culture Celebration in UPT. TAREKO

February 22, 2015

This is a Regular local Cultural Arts performances at the Recreation Park Malang that aimed to increase tourists visit.
Location: UPT Tareko Malang

Pasoeroean Djaman Bijen

February 2015

Pasoeroean Djaman Bijen is a Pasuruan Anniversary series of activities that held regularly every February. This event is a commemoration for remembering the struggle in the past
Location: Jalan Sultan Agung, Purutrejo, Purworejo district. Pasuruan

Pasuruan Enchantment Festival / Parade Costume

February / March 2015

Pasuruan Pesona Festival is one of the latest ideas in the preservation of cultural ideas. This event involves all elements of society, both of Students of the School, as well as Pasuruan employee.
Location: GOR Untung Suropati, City Park

Traditional Wedding Clothes Parade Gresik

February 2015

An activity that is held in an effort to explore and preserve the typical bride and groom custom clothes in Gresik and it followed by members of Harpy or the Indonesian Association of Bridal Makeup Expert.
Location: Gresik