May Tourism Calendar

Reog Performance At Full Moon

3 May 2015

Reog Performance is regularly held every night at full moon, precisely at 14th night in 15th month, in Javanese calendar. This performance is begin with the appearance of dance studio that have been scheduled and some students from school-participating. The peak of the event will closed with a Reog performance that starts at 20.00 s / d 23.00.
Location: Main Stage city Square, Ponorogo

Majapahit Travel Fair (MTF)

7 – 10 May 2015

An international annual tourism event that organized by East Java Department of Culture and Tourism in collaboration with industry and tourism associations. MTF is series of activities include: business meeting (travel exchange), exhibitions and tourism exchanges, fam trips, art performances and various competitions.
Location: Grand City Convex, Surabaya

Surabaya Shopping Festival

1 – 31 May 2015

Surabaya Shopping Festival is a month's expenditure for the people of Surabaya and tourists whose visiting Surabaya, the activities pursued by the Mall, Plaza and Shopping Center in Surabaya, the various items will be discounted up to 80%.
Location: Plaza, Mall, entertainment centers in Surabaya

Culture and Flower Parade

Sunday, First Sunday in May 2015

This parade is held to mark the beginning of the activities, commemorating Surabaya Anniversary that shows ornament cars parade, cultural art parade from local artists and from outside Surabaya.

Rujak Uleg Festival

May 2015

Rujak Uleg is one of the typical cuisine from Surabaya, which similar to Salad with shrimp paste sauce. The festival is followed and enlivened by thousands of people to join together to make Rujak Uleg. At this festival, you can enjoy and experience how to make the shrimp sauce in a giant mortar mix salad for about 1.5 meter wide.
Location: Jl. Kembang Jepun

Traditional Art performances and new creations in Art Building

23 May 2015

Traditional Arts and cultural performances and new creations is held by an art group or studio, school and college regularly, in order to motivate the artists to be more creative.
Location: Malang

A Selection of Kangmas – Diajeng Ambassador

May 2015

This selction is being held every year. The winner or Kangmas – Diajeng contestant will be join the next selection in Surabaya, which is Raki Raka, East Java Tourism Ambassador.
Location: Department of Youth, Sports, Culture and Tourism, Blitar

Surabaya Great Expo

27 – 31 May 2015

This is an Industry and Trade Exhibition featuring a range of superior products from government agencies, private sector and SMEs various regions in Indonesia.
Location: Surabaya


31 May s/d 1 Juni 2015

Grebeg Pancasila is an activity that organized in commemoration of Pancasila Day, conducted by the local government together with artists in Blitar. Grebeg Pancasila packed with a touch of art and culture that collaborated with elements of history and accompanied by a touch of ethnic and aesthetic devices.
Location: Bung Karno Tomb Square, Blitar

Sea Harvest Procession (Rokat Tase ')

The end of May 2015 +7 After the Eid al-Fitr on July 24, 2015

This tradition is begin by giving sea offering to show gratitude of the fishermen who are mostly located in the southern coastal of Sampang on abundant marine products.
Location: The District of Ketapang (Lebak Village) - in District Sreseh (Tasolong Village)

Cultural Parade in commemoration of the anniversary of Lamongan

May 2015

This event is organized to show various cultures of Lamongan
Location: City Square, Lamongan

Yak Yuk Tourism Ambassador Selection Lamongan

May 2015

This is the selection of qualified and dedicated Tourism Ambassador in carrying Lamongan tourism promotion at national and international level
Location: GOR Lamongan


May 2015

This is an exhibition in case of Bridal Makeup, Photography and SME, Salon & Spa Development
Location: LIPPO PLAZA Sidoarjo

Cultural Art Exhibition

May 2015

This is an exhibition of cultural arts in Probolinggo that held in Jabung temple and Kedaton as a symbol of cultural heritage in Probolinggo.
Location: Jabung Temple. Probolinggo

Creative Economy exhibition

May 2015

An exhibition organized as a media of promoting the young people creativity for economyic incomce as souvenirs, handicrafts, scientific papers, etc.
Location: Gresik

Grebeg Tirto Aji

May 2015

Location: Malang