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Probolinggo city is the transit area that connects to the cities on the west side, include; Banyuwangi, Jember, Bondowoso, Situbondo, Lumajang, and the cities on east side, include; Pasuruan, Malang, Surabaya. Boundaries Probolinggo city on the north side to Madura Strait and the east side, south, and west to Probolinggo.

Probolinggo name is derived from the word Probo means light dan Linggo means mark. So Probolinggo is a fall of a sign of light (meteor) that is used by the ancient kings as a sign to hold meetings in order to create peace and bring to end the dispute. The city is known as the "city of wind", because in the month of Juli and September were blow strong winds raises interesting sound called "gending wind". Probolinggo city as a transit city that connects of many cities. Interesting attractions in Probolinggo city is Gili Ketapang island as marine tourism object for swimming, wind surfing, fishing and sailing.

Probolinggo also has the mainstay tourism includes Bromo-Tengger-Semeru. Around the Mount Bromo there are Madakaripura waterfall which has seven waterfalls believed to be a hermitage of Gajah Mada. Moreover, it can be visited Jabung temple which was established in 1354 has a height of 15.58 meters. For adventure sport lovers can rafting in Pekalen river as far as 9 kilometers. Besides Bentar beach also interesting because it has a fairly complete leisure facilities, especially for children.

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Gili Ketapang – Probolinggo, East Java

Gili Ketapang Gili Ketapang is a village and a small island in the Madura Strait, exactly 8 km off the north coast of Probolinggo. Administratively, the island includes the District of Sumberasih, Probolinggo, East Java. Its area is about 68 hectare, and most of the inhabitant are Madura tribe whose live as fisherman. The population of the island is known for relatively affluent. Gili Ketapang is one of natural destinations in Probolinggo. The island is connected to Java island, which can be reach by boat through the Port of Tanjung…

The Humble Tengger People

Tengger People Tenggerese or Tengger People is one of Indonesian tribes that live around Bromo Mountain which located around Pasuruan, Lumajang, Probolinggo and Malang Regency. The Tenggerese are the descendants of the Majapahit Princes. Their population is about 600.000 inhabitants within thirty villages. Tenggerese are being known as obedient Hindu followers. For them, Bromo Mountain is sacred. In once in a year they held ceremony of Kasada or Yadnya Kasada as a thanks giving to the Lord. This ceremony is always held in midnite in full moon time around date…

Enchanting Probolinggo

Probolinggo Probolinggo, the nice town on East Java, which properly surrounded by group of famous mountain on East Java, which are Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo, and Mount Argopuro. The local inhabitant on Probolinggo are various, mostly are Tenggerese, Madurese, Pandalungan and some of Javanese. The culture of Tengger is hold the strong way of living withing the society, Tenggerese are mostly live on Bromo mountain area, they are Hindu and they believe that they were descendant of Majapahit Kingdom. Looking from the way of living and cultural diversity, probolinggo has…

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