About Pacitan Regency

Pacitan Regency regional is 1389,87 Km width, which condition of physical nature is mostly consisted of hilly that is about 85 % in form of small mounts.

From topography aspect, it show unfolding continent to vary with inclination as follows:

* 0-2 % cover about 4,36 of region wide is stepping aside coast.
* 2-15 % cover about 6,60 % from regional wide good for agriculture and pay attention to effort for pickling of soil and water.
* 15-40 % cover about 25,87 of region wide better for business perennial crop.
* 40 % to the above of covering about 63,17 % from region wide is the area which must be functioned as soil buffer zona and water balance ecosystem in Pacitan Regency.

Pacitan side is laying in mountain area back east part of Seribu Mountain, also stay at part of south Java Island with spread around 80 km and 25 km width. Seribu Mountain soil have individuality which its soil predominated by sediment of limestone cobble mixed.

Geographical Position
Pacitan Regency is located in Java Island South Coast and abut on Central Java Province and Yogyakarta special region is the gateway to West Java with physical mountain condition of lengthwise chalk from mount kidul to Trenggalek faced to Indonesian Ocean.

As for administration region consisted of 12 Districts, 5 subdistrict and 159 villages. The geographical position is stay between 110º 55' - 111º 25 ' East longituade and 7º 55' - 8º 17 ' South Latitude.

Administration boundarys:
East side : Trenggalek Regency
South side: Indonesian Ocean
West side: Wonogiri Regency (Central Java)
North side: Ponorogo Regency

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