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Kediri town is a town in East Java provide, precisely in Kediri regency. Kediri has 63,40 km² width, divided by Brantas river that suretches from south to north along 7km. Administratively, town Kediri divided into 3 districts, namely Mojoroto district, Kota district, Pesantren district. Kediri is located on regional transportation line connecting Surabaya with Tulungagung, Nganjuk and Malang.

Kediri is the town that holds many historical relics. Kediri is an area that has a glorious past history. Even, Kediri in the past is an important region in the constellation of the archipelago since become the center of the kingdoms at that time. Archaeological artifacts which discovered in 2007 showed that the area surrounding Kediri is where the kingdom of Kadiri stood, a Hindu kingdom in 11th century.

Kediri and surrounding region has believed to be potential objects of tourism that can be developed as a source region. This is because of the natural tourism such as Selomangleng Cave, mount Maskumbang, Brantas River flow, and artificial tourism such as Museum of Airlangga, and Kadiri Kingdom site. Besides, there are places for family recreation, such as Swimming Pool Pagora, Water Park Tirtayasa, Jayabaya dock, Kuwak swimming pool, Sekartaji Park and Brantas dock.

The main development for tourism area in Kediri town is natural and artificial tourism development in Selomangleng cave area. There are several historical places which has a beautiful panorama here. Therefore, this tourist area frequently visited by many visitors.

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