Pusponegoro is the first Regent in Gresik at 1617. Pusponegoro grave complex is made become Gapuro Sukolilo grave complex, for the ancestors. There is also the other grave in Gapuro Sukolilo grave complex, like Tumenggung Ario Negoro grave. This grave is actually called as Asmarataka grave complex, but now called as Pusponegoro grave complex.

The attractive tourism here is its old grave building form, and made from white stone, and massif with accolade gravestone form.

As part of complex, Pusponegoro grave consist of:
* Entrance / east Padu Rekso.
* Front door / Padu Rekso II / East side.
* Front of Pusponegoro grave dome / Padu Rekso.
* Front of Linggo grave.
* Letter at the grave.
* Kyai Tumenggung Djojodiredjo Grave.
* Kyai Tumenggung Soeronegoro Grave.
* Screen Stone front of the dome.

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