Stuffed Milkfish - Otak-Otak Bandeng

Indonesian has familiar with Otak Otak. This is kind of food made from fish and starch. Usually, Otak Otak made from mackerel and it is very savory. But in Gresik, East Java, you can enjoy Otak Otak milkfish or commonly called as Otak Otak Bandeng. You can eat with rice or use it as a gift for your family.

Otak Otak Bandeng (milkfish) Gresik is the special dish from Gresik and you can buy it in some shop. The milkfish is come from Gresik and fresh. You cannot find it in another regencies.

Otak Otak Bandeng has so typical flavor. As we know that the thick meat of the fish is very liked by many people, especially when cooked into Otak Otak; so delicious and tasty.

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