Noko Island

Beside pilgrim tourism, Gresik regency also has Bawean Island with its nature tourism object, such as Ria Gili Barat beach that located in Suwari village, Sangkapura district. About 800 meters from the beach, there is beautiful and clean fishermen village. There is also a hang bridge that made from bamboo. This beach has slope ground and usually used as Rukyat place by Religion Government Service.

There are still four beaches in this island that is Tinggen beach an Makam Panjang in Lebak village, Sangkapura district. In Tinggen beach tip, there is Sembodo grave that usually called Makam Panjang or Long Grave with 15 meters length and 2 meters width. In this beach, the wave is very calm, so that the visitors can canoeing and fishing using traditional canoe.

Your journey to Bawean Island can used to visit Noko Island or Selayar that located in east side of Bawean Island, Sungai Rujing village. The other beach is Labuhan beach that also has calm wave. It is located in Tanjung Ori village, Tambak district. Mayangkara beach is located in Kepuh Teluk village, Tambak district. This beach is the location of Siti Zaenab, Sunan Giri’s wife when she had anchor, then known as Ibu Rambut Panjang - Mother Long Hair. Beside its sand sea, the visitors also can enjoy its sea park that has white sand.

Lacar waterfall tourism object is the interesting nature tourism in Lebak village, Sangkapura district. The other is Kastoba Lake in Paroman village, which has clear and fresh water to drink.

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