Accommodation in Gresik Regency

-------------------------------- H o t e l --------------------------------

Hotel Petrograha
JL. Padi 3 Komplek Perum Petrokimia Phone. 031-3984465, 3973401

Hotel Sapta Nawa
JL. Arif Rachman Hakim 79 Gresik
Phone. 031-3971182,

Hotel Bahagia
JL. HOS Cokroaminoto 11 Gresik
Phone. 031-3982573

Hotel Putra Jaya
JL. Raden Santri Gresik
Phone. 031-

Hotel Batik
JL. Aipda KS Tubun 8 Gresik
Phone. 031-3983610

Hotel Perdana
JL. Dr. Soetomo 83 Gresik
Phone. 031-3981971

Hotel Bhineka
JL. Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo 736 A
Phone. 031-3950213

--------------------------- Restaurant ---------------------------

Bandeng Pak Elan Restaurant
JL. Veteran 253 Gresik
Phone. 031-3981148

Kartini Restaurant
JL. RA Kartini 84 Gresik
Phone. 031-3982121

Barokah Depot
Jl Kapt Dulasim 139 A Gresik
Phone. 031-3977757

Bu Mis Warung
Jl Veteran IX 2 A Gresik
Phone. 031-3974418

Bu Rikah Warung
Jl Pahlawan 51 Gresik
Phone. 031-3975188

Minangputra Rumah Makan
Jl RA. Kartini 128 Gresik
Phone. 031-3981647

Bukit Cemara Toko
Jl Simpang Terminal 6 Gresik
Phone. 031-3952515

Kampoeng Steak
Jl RA. Kartini 150 - 152 Gresik
Phone. 031-3984783

Langgeng Depot
Jl Mayjen Sungkono 30 Gresik
Phone. 031-3979768

Laroida Depot
Jl Kapt Darmo Sugondo Sub Terminal Segoro Madu
Phone. 031-3982507

Mie 55 Depot
Jl RA Kartini 164 Gresik
Phone. 031-3984034

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