Legen beverage, for some Gresik people must have felt it even though it is not a 100% pure 'siwalan' sap water. This is kind of beverage in Gresik regency, precisely in northern area or around Panceng district.

Legen comes from Palm tree (siwalan) that using tapping the tree. This beverage taste is sweet and slightly sour but has health benefits like therapy for kidney stones. There are many people felt the benefits of Legen. At least 1 month after you drink Legen, it will erode the calcium stone in your urinary tract and kidney.

There are also some people called it as 'Lontar' fruit or 'ental'. The Palm fruit is white translucent, slightly chewy, sweet and juicy. If the fruit longer at the tree, it is little bit hard and junk. The taste of Palm fruit seems like young coconut (Java=Degan) or sugar palm fruit because both fruit are in same family plant (monocots).

The Palm tree looks like coconut tree or king Palm tree. It can reach tens meters height. The productivity age could reach tens of years. The scientific name is Borassus flabellifer and has broad leaves looks like a fan. Palm fruit and Legen water is the right food for dry season. Palm fruit is believed to be able to relieve the dry throat due to thirst. Meanwhile Legen water contains isotonic fluid that could replace the discharge of body fluids such as sweat due to the long journey.

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