Daftar Hotel di Kota Surabaya


Pondok Asri Guest House

Jl. Kalibokor Selatan 108
Surabaya 60283
Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Telp. +62 31 5025377, 5028690
Fax. +62.31.5029433
Mobile : 0852.3165.9678

Bisanta Bidakara Hotel
Jl. Tegalsari 77 -85
Surabaya 60262
Jawa Timur - Indonesia
Telp. (031) 545 7007 (Hunting)
Fax. (031) 531 8928

Bandara Surabaya Hotel
Raya Bandara Juanda street, Surabaya
Phone. 031-866350
Fax. 031-8667003
Class. *

Cendana Hotel
Kombes Pol. M. Duryat street, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5455333
Fax. 031-5314367
Class. ***

Elmi Hotel
Panglima Sudirman street, 42-44, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5322571
Fax. 031-5315615
Class. ***

Inna Simpang Hotel
Jl. Gubernur Suryo 1 - 3, Surabaya 60271
East Java - Indonesia
Telephone: 62.31.534 2151 (hunting)
Facsimile: 62.31.531 0157

Equator Hotel
Pakis Argosari street, 57 Surabaya
Phone. 031-5687170
Fax. 031-5687172
Class. ***

Regency Hotel
Basuki Rahmat street, 124-128 Surabaya
Phone. 031-5311234
Fax. 031-5321508
Class. *****

Ibis Rajawali Hotel
Rajawali street, 9-11 Surabaya
Phone. 031-353909
Fax. 031-3539995
Class. ***

Jane’s House Hotel
Dinoyo street 100-102, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5677722
Fax. 031-5681985
Class. *

Kalimas Raya Hotel
KHM. Mansyur street, 151, Surabaya
Phone. 031-341616
Fax. 031-3551047
Class. *

Lesmana Hotel
Bintoro street 16, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5677152
Fax. 031-5675403
Class. *

Majapahit Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Tunjungan street 65, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5454333
Fax. 031-5454111
Class. *****

Mercure Grand Hotel
Raya Kupang Indah street 37-39, Surabaya
Phone. 031-7328738
Fax. 031-7328708
Class. ****

puri darmo

Jl. Raya Kupang Baru no 17A Surabaya, 60189, East Java, Indonesia Phone +62 31 7326066 / Fax +62 31 7326887 Email: info@puridarmosurabaya.com

The WIN Hotel Surabaya
Jl. Embong Tanjung 46-48
Surabaya 60271
East Java - Indonesia
Tel: +62 31 5459111
Fax: +62 31 5459222

New Grand Park Hotel
Jl. Samudra 3 - 5 Surabaya 60161
East Java - Indonesia
Phone: +6231-3531515, 3560350
Fax: +6231-3533194

Plaza Surabaya Hotel
Pemuda street 31-37, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5316833
Fax. 031-5316393
Class. ****

Sahid Surabaya Hotel
Sumatera street 1, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5032711
Fax. 031-5036292
Class. ***

Satelit Hotel
Mayjend. Sungkono street 102, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5615876
Fax. 031-5660404
Class. ***

Semut Hotel
Samudera street 9, Surabaya
Phone. 031-3524578
Fax. 031-3532601
Class. *

Shangri-La Hotel
Mayjend. Sungkono street 120, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5661550
Fax. 031-5661570
Class. *****

Sheraton Surabaya Hotel
Embong Malang street 25-31, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5468000
Fax. 031-5467000
Class. *****

Tanjung Hotel
Panglima Sudirman street 102, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5344031
Fax. 031-5344032
Class. *

JW. Marriot Surabaya Hotel
Embong Malang street 85-89, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5458888
Fax. 031-5468888
Class. *****

Tunjungan Hotel
Tunjungan street 102-104, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5466666
Fax. 031-5455514
Class. ***

Weta International Hotel
Gentengkali street 3, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5319494
Fax. 031-5345512
Class. ***

New Grand Park Hotel
Samudera street 3-5, Surabaya
Phone. 031-35351515
Fax. 031-3533194
Class. ***

Patra Hilton International Hotel
Raya Gunung Sari street, Surabaya
Phone. 031-353909
Fax. 031-3539995
Class. ***

Novotel Hotel
Raya Ngagel street 173-175, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5682301
Fax. 031-5686317
Class. ****


Crab 'N Chef Restaurant

Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V / 8; Surabaya 60285;
Jawa Timur; Indonesia
Telephone: 031-5947938
E-mail: info@crabnchef.com
Web: www.crabnchef.com

Angus House Restaurant
Pemuda street 27-31, Surabaya
World Trade Center 4th floor
Phone. 031-5319282, 5319318
Fax. 031-5319282
Class. Silver Tray

Deluxe Club Restaurant
Tunjungan street 3, Surabaya
Complex Tunjungan Center 4th floor
Phone. 031-5319572, 5319573
Fax. 031-5319576
Class. Silver Tray

Jumbo Restaurant
Bumimoro Complex AAL street, Surabaya
Phone. 031-3297628, 3297629
Fax. 031-327632
Class. Silver Tray

KJ Club Restaurant
Ngagel Jaya Selatan street Block I/34 , Surabaya
Phone. 031-5620943
Fax. 031-
Class. Bronze Tray

Kowloon Palace International Restaurant
Pemuda street 33-37 , Surabaya
Surabaya Plaza 5th floor
Phone. 031-5315852, 5315589
Fax. 031-5316388
Class. Silver Tray

Kuningan Seafood Restaurant
Kalimantan street 14 , Surabaya
Phone. 031-5345103, 5322907
Fax. 031-5328123
Class. Silver Tray

New Fajar Restaurant
Basuki Rahmad street 4-6, Surabaya
Tunjungan Plazar 7th floor
Phone. 031-5311098
Fax. 031-5318113
Class. Bronze Tray

De'Sushi De'Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V / 6 - 8, Surabaya
Phone: +6231 - 5947938
Email: De'Sushi De'Sushi Japanese Restaurant
Web: info@desushi.biz

New Nan Yuan International Restaurant
Bunguran street 45 , Surabaya
Complex Pasar Atum 3rd floor
Phone. 031-3523366, 3524763
Class. Bronze Tray

Ria Restaurant
Kombes Pol. M. Duryat street 7 , Surabaya
Phone. 031-5343639, 5343130
Fax. 031-
Class. Bronzer Tray

Sea Master Food Garden Restaurant
Mayjend Sungkono street, Surabaya
Phone. 031-721721, 7326674
Fax. 031-721705
Class. Silver Tray

Tom’s Place Restaurant
Ngagel Jaya Selatan street F/18 , Surabaya
Phone. 031-5680140
Class. Silver Tray

Top Ten Restaurant
Basuki Rahmad street 8-12 , Surabaya
Tunjungan Plaza 8th floor
Phone. 031-53111097
Class. Silver Tray

Tristar International Restaurant
Pasar Besar Wetan street 14-16 , Surabaya
Phone. 031-339370, 333971, 3533970
Fax. 031-334914
Class. Bronze Tray

New Fajar Seafood Restaurant
Basuki Rahmad street 4-6, Surabaya
Tunjungan Plazar 7th floor
Phone. 031-5326690
Fax. 031-5318113
Class. Bronze Tray


Discover Holiday
Ruko Mangga Dua blok B9
No. 5, Surabaya
East Java - Indonesia 60244
Phone: +62-31-8470 174
           +62-31-8470 176
Fax: +62-31-8470 178
email : Discover Holiday
web : info@discoverholiday.com

PT. Anta Express
Pasar Besar Wetan street 28/II
Phone. 031-3533907

PT. Laguna Wirawisata
Genteng Besar street 11
Phone. 031-5346981

Gazali Tour & Travel
Raya Rungkut street 5 N 1-3
Phone. 031-8792000

Wisata Bahari
Laksda M Nazir street 11 H
Phone. 031-3553034

Kapasan Oriental Express
Kapasan street 183 A
Phone. 3766558

Wisata Jawa Indah
Raya Arjuno street 92-94
Phone. 031-5318800


Seven World Tours
Ruko Garden Palace E-18 Jl. HR. Muhammad 373-383
Surabaya 60226, East Java Indonesia
Phone: +62.31.7322578 & 7322501 - 03
Fax.: +62.31.7322504
Email: info[at]sevenworldtours.com
web : www.sevenworldtours.com

Pasar Besar Wetan street 28
Phone. 031-3533907

Eraska Surya Pratama
Sumatra street 87
Phone. 031-5032372

Fath Ind
Sumatra street 31 G-H
Phone. 031-5033818

Wita Tour
Sulawesi street 45
Phone. 031-5032777


Danar Hadi
Diponegoro street 184 , Surabaya
Phone. 031-582136, 581860



Sulawesi street 24, Surabaya
Phone. 031-5676926

Wing On Art Shop
Basuki Rahmad street 5, Surabaya

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Pondok Asri Family Guest House, Surabaya

Pondok Asri Guest House is a family guest house that located at Jl. Kalibokor Selatan 108 Surabaya. This family guest house is available for family or standard single guest, with valuable facilities like : Room Facilities :AC, TV, Phone, Bath Room / Showwer Laundry Service Room Service (16 Hours) General : Safe Deposit Box Credit Card accepted Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Car for rent can be arranged upon request Extra Bed : Mattresses on the floor or ring extra bed For More Info, please contact: Pondok Asri Family Guest House Jl.…

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