Ubalan Tourist Site in Kediri Regency, East Java Province

Kediri Regency always satisfies all tourists, especially those who love nature. In Plosoklaten Sub-District, for example, there is Sumber Ubalan. This beautiful natural pond or spring is located in Jarak Village and offers a nice environment for relaxation and swimming. The location is in the middle of the wild, so it feels so peaceful there. There is another allure, actually. The site has a mystical story related to the pond. Tourists can simply ask the locals regarding the story later. What is more? The presence of birds and various local animals makes the area merrier!

The Nuance
Sumber Ubalan is considered the best natural pond in Kediri Regency due to the purity and unspoiled nature. The water is clean and clear and the pond is surrounded by a lush nature. The total area is around 12 hectares! Moreover, it resides in the midst of a protected forest. Somehow, the nuance is a little bit mystical especially when the day becomes darker. This explains why villagers consider it sacred and they don’t dare to spoil it. Tourists should know this fact, therefore. Thus, they won’t dare to litter during the visit.

Exploring Ubalan Tourist Site
The best allure in Ubalan Tourist Site is indeed the fabulous natural pond. It offers clear and refreshing water, surrounded by big trees. No wonder, the atmosphere feels so perfect! Swimming and playing water become tourists’ prime reason for visiting the site indeed. Due to the water clarity, in fact, they can even see fishes easily! One thing, fishing is prohibited due to the sacredness of the pond. Even villagers don’t dare to fish there. It is said offenders would be sick or even die in the near future. Another rumor says that the water is able to heal diseases!

Aside from featuring a beautiful natural pond and lush nature, Ubalan Tourist Site offers other allures including fun rides. Once arriving at the area, tourists can find several facilities like bicycles, boats, and camping ground! Thus, everyone should take advantage of all these things. It takes some money to try them all, though. As for camping, tourists must carry their equipment and items. For kids, the best rides to use are see-saw and swings. Have no worries. These ones can be used freely.

The next impressive allure in Ubalan Tourist Site is the presence of various flora and fauna! Tourists would meet several local exotic animals like monkeys, birds, fishes, etc. The most famous one is indeed the peacocks. They are kept safely in a cage, so tourists can approach them without hassles. However, feeding the animals is prohibited.

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How to Get There
From the capital of East Java Province (Surabaya City), tourists can head to Kediri Regency directly. The distance is 120 km. That means the trip may take around 1 hour and 59 minutes or more depending on the traffic. The first route to take is Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway. As for the next route, tourists should take Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway. Later, after arriving at Kediri, they can simply head to Sumber Ubalan at Jarak Village at Plosoklaten Sub-District. The distance is 10.8 km, so the trip only takes about 17 minutes. As for the best route, it is Pare – Wates Street.

Where to Stay

  • Silaris Hotel
  • Ilhami Hotel

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