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Kediri is one of clean and a cool city in East Java that has famous since long time ago. It is situated on Brantas River, at the foot of Mount Wilis, 65 miles (105 km) southwest of Surabaya. It is the centre of a sugar industry and of trade in such agricultural products as coffee, tobacco, rice, and cassava. The city's light manufacturing includes textile and lumber mills and machine shops. Historical remnants scattered around Kediri showing that it had played important roles in many eras. It's just a nice place to stay Kediri has now become the educational, industrial as well as tourism center. As a center of tourism, Kediri has a lot of places of interests which are classified into local, regional, national and international standards, Tourism Kediri such as; Mount Kelud, Puh Sarang, Ngeyangan Waterfall, Dolo waterfall, Sri Aji Joyoboyo graveyard.

In realizing the development, at first, Kediri Regency is developing Trade Center - Simpang Lima Gumul (SLG) whose area is 37 hectare. The concept of structuring this area is mass block (building) with radial system that has a monument in the middle of Trade Center area. The Monument will be built exactly alike Arc de’ Triumph in Paris, France in the size in other aspects. The building surrounding CBD-SLG will be designed contemporary style with full of west Europe (France) characteristics, which is integrated into one business area that is easy to connect each other. By developing Trade Center-SLG, investment in the hotels, malls, shops and whole-seller center is very prospective.

Kediri Regency is lies between 110o 47' 05" - 112o 18' 20" east longitude and 7o 36' 12" - 8o 00' 32" south latitude. The average of rainfall reaches 2,326 mm, and 110 days rain falling per annum. The average temperature reaches 22.420 ºC maximum and 21.08 ºC minimum. The highest level reaches 29 ºC, and the lowest level reaches 20 ºC.
This regency is bordered by:
North side: Jombang regency and Nganjuk regency
South side: Tulung Agung and Blitar regency
East side: Malang and Jombang regency
West side: Nganjuk and Tulung Agung regency

Wide Area
Kediri regency Area covers of 1,386.05 km square = 138,605 hectares. It lies between the plains and the mountains, and 35.07% (48,614 hectares) consists of paddy field and 64.93% (89,99 hectares) dry land. Focusing on the farmland, 73.3% of it is arranged by technical irrigation, 68% by semi technical, and 2.6% by water that depends on the rainfall. The dry land consists of 33.6% compound land, 30.8% dry land (Tegalan), 10.8% estate, 18.7% forest, and 6.1% other.

Kediri Regency consists of 4 sub regencies, 21 districts, 343 villages, 1 village administrative unit, 2,763 RW (administrative hamlets) and 8,779 RT (neighborhood association). The sub regency in Ngadiluwih supervises 5 district areas that are Pare, Kandangan, Kepung Plosoklaten, Puncu, and Gurah. The sub regency in Papar supervises 5 district areas, which are Papar, Pagu, Kunjang, Plemahan, and Purwosari. The sub regency in Kediri supervises 5 district areas, which are Grogol, Gampengrejo, Mojo, Tarokan, and Semen.

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