Dolo Waterfall in Kediri Regency, East Java Province

Even though Kediri Regency doesn’t have beaches, tourists can visit other interesting natural attractions including waterfalls. In Mojo Sub-District, for example, there is Dolo Waterfall. This stunning waterfall is located in Jugo Village, which is in the east part of Wilis hillside. It resides on the height of around 1800 meters above the sea level, so both the nuance and panorama are wonderful. In order to get to the site, though, tourists need to give some efforts and time. The route is both challenging and far, after all. Thus, it is recommended to hire a tour guide for an efficient trip. Have no worries. The difficulty is paid off once tourists arrive at the site.

The Nuance
Located in the hillside, Dolo Waterfall is indeed secluded and peaceful. Tourists can only find natural attractions there including bushes, trees, and other interesting features. As for the appearance, the waterfall has three parts of water discharge. The tallest one has the height of about 90 meters! Below, the water discharges are way smaller which are around 2 or 5 meters. The good thing is Dolo is located near to another famous waterfall called Ironggolo, which has the distance of 4 km. That means tourists can visit two amazing waterfalls during the same day, without spending too much time.

Exploring Dolo Waterfall
In terms of popularity, Dolo Waterfall is indeed famous especially among those who live in Kediri Regency. These days, in fact, many visitors also come from other regions or even provinces. What makes the waterfall special, actually? It is none other than the complete allure. First, it is the lush and unspoiled environment. Not only the site is clean, but it also has lots of tall trees. That means an exploration even feels comfortable at noon. It is because the shady trees would prevent the heat of the sun from discomforting visitors.

The next allure is indeed the appearance of Dolo Waterfall, itself. As mentioned earlier, it has several levels and multiple water discharges. No wonder, tourists are likely to take photos of it during the visit. While exploring the site, however, everyone should be careful due to the slippery landscape. The good thing is the local government has provided stairs in that area. That means visitors can explore the location in a safer manner.

What is more? The refreshing atmosphere and crystal-clear water. In the morning, moreover, the water feels more soothing. The natural pond is small, though. That means swimming and taking a bath would feel less comfortable as compared to other places. Still, playing water is recommended in order to feel the freshness of the water!

Nearby Attractions

  • Prongos Cliff
  • Ironggolo Waterfall

How to Get There
From Surabaya City, tourists should head to Kediri Regency first. The distance is 120 km, so this trip would take around 1 hour and 59 minutes. As for the best route, it is definitely Surabaya – Mojokerto Highway and Mojokerto – Kertosono Highway. Once arriving at Kediri, they can rest for a while at a local hotel or continue the trip right away. Later, a trip to Dolo Waterfall may take around 1 hour and 30 minutes, as the distance is 52.1 km. The best route, in this case, is Raya Kediri – Pare Street. Tourists need to conduct a short trekking too, later.

Where to Stay

  • Selopanggung Hotel
  • Swaloh Hill Resort
  • Pohsarang Hotel

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