Tambakrejo Beach

Tambakrejo Beach is located about 30 km from Blitar city, in Tambakrejo village, Wonotirto district. In this location, in every first Suro month (the new year in Java calendar) is performed a "Larung Sesaji" ceremony, and visited by thousands people from various areas.

The south sea (Indonesia Ocean) waves splashing and the sunshine in the evening, make the situation feel peaceful. It is compatible for the townsman who had bored with the metropolitan life. They can enjoy the natural beach with its beautiful waves and beautiful sunset. The visitor can make some activities in this beach such as; swimming, sun bathing, fishing, canoeing, etc. Tambakrejo Beach has white sandy that spread along about 10 km. The wave is also not dangerous for the visitors who want to swim here.

There is rubber forest around the beach that adds its beautiful nature. And through the way you can see the dry lime hill. When arrive at the beach, the visitors can see the blue sea and canoe that already to accompanied to the sea. You can enjoy the fresh morning air and seafood in Tambakrejo Beach. If you go to Blitar, try to visit Tambakrejo Beach, then you will get new experiences.

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