Sawentar Temple

Sawentar Temple is located at Sawentar village, Kanigoro district, to the east of Blitar. The temple shows similarities in form to Kidal temple. A tentative date of around the early to mid 13th century has consequently been assigned to it. The base of the temple lies several meters below the present ground level, a result of having been buried under a mass of lava, presumably from an eruption of nearby Mt Kelud. The site was excavated during the early years of this century. This temple seems reside on a pool. At first found, the temple had covered by mount dust.
Sawentar temple is also called as Cungkup temple. A small yoni pedestal lying within the temple's central chamber depicts a figure of Garuda, suggesting that the monument was dedicated to the god Wishnu. The key keeper is enjoy to tell about the history of Sawentar temple and around it. This temple has often visited by many Hinduism people. Some of them have stay for a minutes and having some ceremony, sit in front of the gate and getting pray.

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