Kebon Rojo (king garden)

Kebon Rojo (king garden) is family recreation and amusement centre that resides in Blitar Mayor duty house complex and reserved for common public / tourist, freely. There are various stepped animals in the garden, playground, relaxing place, actor appreciation podium that has background of one century ‘Bung Karno’, water fountain and various crops types of step that functioned as town’s lungs.

If you often have recreation with your family, try to visit this area. Enjoy its fresh air and bring your children here. You can also take some picture with the animals or the plants. There are many visitors has visited this area with their family or their friends. Usually, they bring their own food and have lunch in this area.

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The Historical of Blitar

Blitar Blitar is one of East Java Regencies, having the capital with the same name. Blitar is located near to Kediri Regency in the North, Malang Regency in the East, Hindia Ocean in the South and Tulungagung Regency in the West. Blitar, in both city and district, is located at the foot of Mount Kelud, East Java. Blitar is always affected by lava that has erupted by Kelud mountain for almost dozens of times starting from the year 1331. Layers of volcanic soils, which are found in Blitar is the…

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