Tikus Temple

Candi Tikus (the 'rat temple') is located about 500 metres south east of Candi Bajang Ratu. Restored to its present condition between the years 1985 and 1989, the site comprises the remains of an ancient ritual bathing place (petirtaan) dating from the Majapahit period.

The principal building originally consisted of two terraces, upon which a concentric arrangement of 'turrets' surrounded the highest part of the structure, located in the centre. This form may be seen to reflect that of the holy Mt Mahameru of Hindu mythology, from which is believed to spring the elixir of immortality. The unusual name of this candi is connected with the circumstances of its discovery in 1914. At that time, apparently, the neighbourhood was experiencing a plague of rats. Each time efforts were made to exterminate them,however, the creatures would disappear down a hole in a small hillock. On the order of the old regent of Mojokerto, Kromojoyo Adinegoro, the mound was consequently excavated with the purpose of destroying the rats' nest. The result was the discovery of one of Trowulan's most important archaeological sites.



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