About Mojo Fruit - Aegle Marmelos Correa

Mojo Fruit (Aegle Marmelos Correa) is rareness fruit, which many found in East Java area especially in Mojokerto regency and its surroundings. Mojo Fruit has two compounds, namely antiviral compound and poison compound. Antiviral compound is enough useful because can be applied to fight against bacterium, microbe, and virus, while the poison compound is exactly harm because it can make a death. But even many publics assuming that Mojo fruit cannot be consumed, the reality is there are many people who wish to look after it.

There are some opinion say that Mojo (Aegle Marmelos) tree, which is the legend plant in Indonesia, simply have many special qualities. The mosquitoes are not like its bitter taste, so that its extract is applicable to avoid mosquito if it rub to arm and foot.

Mojo Tree yield fruit of equal fruit like Citrus Maxima, the fruit is green, its kernel is white like white pumpkin and small seed. While, the old Mojo is amber with white kernel, tasted bitter.

Mojo Fruit is historic fruit, related to the forming of the biggest Kingdom in Indonesia, Mojopahit. It is said that Mojo fruit found when Raden Wijaya is permitted to cut open Tarik forest. With his army and Madura team helps, he cut open the forest so that it was good to occupied. When they were working, one of the army felt hungry. Then the guard to try to look for food in the middle of the forest, but he just meet Mojo tree with the circular fruit and green. The guard was thinking to eat this Mojo fruit. Then he ate the fruit, which actually the taste is bitter. Involuntary, he said that Mojo fruit is bitter. Because most of all area in the forest is grown by Mojo tree which is bitter, hence after that, the place is named Mojopahit, which means; the bitter Mojo fruit.

Then finally, the name of Mojopahit Kingdom is very famous until now on and believes as Indonesians genesis. Now, many people who have never see Mojo fruit. But, Mojo tree are found in many area such as; Mojokerto, Nganjuk, Jombang and its surroundings. Even its special quality is not known yet, but it is quite a few of people who wish to plant Mojo tree as house yard decorator in order to seen green and fresh.


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