Tigowangi and Surawana Temple


Located in the district of Pare, Kediri, Candi Surawana and Tigowangi both date from the end of the 14th century. Surawana, which may not have been completed until A.D. 1400, was built as a memorial to Bhre Wengker of the Rajasa Dynasty, who died in A.D. 1388. The original name of the shrine was Wishnubhawanapura. Today, only the base of the building remains intact. Fine relief carving depicts scenes from a number of popular stories, including those of Sri Tanjung, Bubuksah and Gagang Akhing, and the Arjunawiwaha. Surrounding the foot of the monument are a series of relief panels, the contents of which are comical, though somewhat obscene.

Candi Tigowangi, constructed on behalf of Bhre Matahun, brother-in-law of King Hayam Wuruk, is today in a similar condition to that of Candi Surawana. All that remains is the base of the building. The series of reliefs, depicting the story of Sudamala, appear to be unfinished, since the northern wall has been left entirely blank.


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