Jajaghu Temple


Mentioned in the Nagarakertagama as one of the places visited by King Hayam Wuruk of Majapahit in 1359, Candi Jajaghu, also known as Candi Jago, or Candi Tumpang, is located 24 kilometres east of the city of Malang. Principally Buddhist in character, Jajaghu was built originally as a mortuary shrine for King Wishnuwardhana of Singosari in the latter half of the 13th century. The building which we see today, however, is probably the result of a renovation carried out in the 1340's on the order of the Sumatran prince Adityawarman, a blood relative of Hayam Wuruk. The temple, which faces west, has a rectangular ground plan measuring 23 X 14 metres. Since the roof and much of the body of the main sanctuary have collapsed, it can only be estimated that the original height of the monument was about 15 metres. Access to the principal shrine is by way of two stairways, which lead up from the front of the building via three receding terraced levels, creating the illusion of ascending a mountain slope.

A scene displaying musiciants, from the story of Kunjarakarna

A scene from the Parthayajna

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