Singasari Temple


Candi Singosari, located about 12 kilometres north of Malang, is one of the monuments built in memory of Kertanagara, last king of Singosari, who died when his palace was seized by a usurper in 1292. The temple was partially restored in the 1930's. The roof, in its original state, would have mirrored the cosmic Mt Mahameru of Hindu mythology, four lesser pinnacles on each side surrounding a taller, central 'peak'. Yet it seems that the temple was never completed. The impressive kala heads, highly detailed on the roof, become mere outlines above the entrance and wall niches lower down, showing that the fine carving was executed from the top downwards. For unkown reasons, the artists appear to have abandoned their work.

West of the temple, at a distance of some 200 metres, two enormous guardian figures stand on either side of the road. It has been suggested that the location of these statues may be the site of the original entrance to the palace of Singosari.

One of two guardian figures (dwarapala), measuring almost 4 m. tall



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