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Wringinlawang Temple

Wringinlawang temple is a “Gateway” of all temples in Trowulan area. The reason is the visitors will meet this old building for the first they visit Trowulan’s temples. Actually, Wringinlawang is not a temple building, but it is a gateway building. But the community around has known this building as a temple. Wringinlawang is located in Wringin Lawang sub-village, Jati Pasar Village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency and East Java – Indonesia.

Wringinlawang Temple is made of red bricks. Based on the story, this building called Wringinlawang because it stayed between two Banyan Trees (Wringin). But now, we can’t find that trees. Seen from its form, Wringinlawang gate is kind of ‘Bentar’ gate, which has foot part, body part, and gate roof. Based on some opinion, the gate that has known from 1815 has functioned as the gate of all temples. Wringinlawang now has being reparation activity in 1991. Wringinlawang has 13 m length, 11,5 m width and 13,7 m height.



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