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Bajang Ratu Temple

Bajang Ratu temple, located in the hamlet of Kraton, not far from Tikus temple, is one of Trowulan's principal attractions. The remains consist of an elegant gateway, built from red brick and andesite block stone, probably dating from around the mid 14th century. The shape of the building is tall and slender, rising to a height of just over 16 meters. Restoration was completed in 1991.

The gateway was originally connected to a brick wall, running off to the left and right, by way of a form resembling wings. This ornamental device, known as Paduraksa, can be seen on other ancient Javanese gateways, notably at Plumbangan, near Wlingi; at Jedong, on the northern slope of Mt Penanggungan, as well as at Belahan temple. The winged gateway found its fullest expression, however, in the 15th century tomb of Sendang Duwur.

Bajang Ratu temple is located in Temon village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency. Its size is 11,20 m length, 6,74 m width and 16,50 m height. Bajangratu is roofed gateway. Based on Ramayana, long car animal and dragon relieves, this monument is estimated built in 14th century. The gateway was function as the entrance into a sacred building to commemorate the death of Jayanegara who is stated in Negarakertagama manuscript that be returned in Wisnu's world at 1328 C. Meanwhile the Pararaton script mentioned Jayanegara was abode in Kapopongan and immortalized at Antawulan (Trowulan). This opinion supported by relief of Sri Tanjung, gate wing that have a realizing symbol.




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