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Troloyo Graveyard

Troloyo grave is a complex of a graveyard, which has two parts, front part and back part. In front part, there is a grave of Syayid Jumadil Kubro, an Islam spreader in Java before Wali Songo. And in the back part, there are grave of Sunan Ngudung and Syayid Usman. Troloyo graveyard is one of proof of Muslim community in Majapahit era. This grave is located in Sidodadi sub-village, Sentonorejo village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency.

This pilgrim tourism object is often visits by many visitors who want to pray or make a wish of something. They believe that people who burying in this graveyard is the beginner of Wali Songo. This place used to pray and make a wish by pilgrims, especially for they who want to change their destiny, to regret, or just pray and having pilgrimage tour.

According to folklore that collected by J. Knebel, Troloyo is a rest place for the Moslem commercial in their propagating Islam to Prabu Brawijaya V with his followers. In Troloyo forest then made ‘petilasan’ (meditaion place) to mark that event. According to Poerwodarminta, ‘Tralaya’ come from word ‘setra’ and ‘pralaya’. Setra means spacious field / region to exile carcass (dead body), while Pralaya means break / die / disaster. Setra and Pralaya words are shortened to ‘Tralaya’.

The ancient thing in Troloyo is an old Islam cemetery coming from Majapahit period. This cemetery is the evidence of Moslem community in Majapahit capital region. This Moslem community was also mentioned by Ma-Huan in book Ying Yai - Sing Lan, what written in 1416 M.

This old cemetery had attracted some bachelor’s attention to check, for example PJ. Veth, Verbeek, Knebel, Krom, and LC. Damais. According To LC. Damais, Makam Troloyo cover range of time between 1368-1611 M. Based on research result which have been done, it was only a name that buried in Troloyo cemetery complex, that is Zainudin. But the gravestone place, which used that name, is no longer recognized, while name of figures that mentioned in this cemetery come from public belief.

This cemetery complex that about two hectares is contain of graves / cemeteries which partly open and some have dome. This cemetery is contain of:
1. Grave dome that believed as grave of Syekh Jumadil Kubro, Sheikh Abdul Qodir Jailani Sini, Sheikh Maulana Skah, and Syekh Maulana Ibrahim
2. Walisongo Grave
3. Sunan Ngudung Grave
4. Putri Kencono Wungu and Anjasmoro Grave
5. Seven Grave (Makam Tujuh) that contain of seven graves

With those graves, there are many pilgrims come every day. Especially every Thursday night (Malam Jum’at Legi – One of sacred day of Javanese), the thousands pilgrims come here to get finite benediction until early morning.







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