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Wringinlawang Temple Brahu Temple Jolotundo Temple Bajangratu Temple Tikus Temple Segaran Pool Museum Trowulan Pendopo Agung Siti Inggil Graveyard Tomb of Princess from Campa Troloyo Graveyard
Bajang Ratu temple, located in the hamlet of Kraton, not far from Tikus temple, is one of Trowulan's principal attractions. The remains consist of an elegant gateway, built from red brick and andesite block stone, probably dating from around the mid 14th century. [More...]
Brahu temple is the biggest temple in Trowulan. Brahu is supposed come from “Wanaru” or “Warahu”, which is name of holly building that mentioned in a cooper inscription “Alasanta” that found in west side of this temple. Brahu temple is made of red bricks and plain without decoration. [More...]
It is grave of Majapahit family who were Muslim. There are two gravestones, one is in the main grave and the other is in the second yard. Many visitors visit to the place, especially on the night of Jum’at Legi. Its location is at Unggahan - Trowulan. [More...]
Jolotundo is like a swimming pool area that located near to Seloliman village, Trawas district, and east slope of Mount Penanggungan. This site is believed has relation with King Airlangga. [More...]
Troloyo grave is a complex of a graveyard, which has two parts, front part and back part. In front part, there is a grave of Syayid Jumadil Kubro, an Islam spreader in Java before Wali Songo. And in the back part, there are grave of Sunan Ngudung and Syayid Usman. Troloyo graveyard is one of proof of Muslim community in Majapahit era. [More...]
One of Trowulan's central attractions is the new Archaeological Museum, to be found on the western side of Segaran pool. Officially opened in 1987, it was built for the purpose of displaying and preserving the ever-increasing number of historical treasures discovered in the vicinity of the old Majapahit capital. [More...]
It is specific building with Mojopahit nuance. It is often functioned as art performance place, study tour, meeting place with comfortable and cool situation, the rest place, etc. Its location is at Temon village, Trowulan. [More...]
Segaran Pool is located in Temon village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency, in front of Balai Penyelamatan Arca (Statue Saving Institution). No need ticket to visit this biggest ancient pool. As its name, this is a big pool that bordered by red brick wall. [More...]
It was the meditation place of the first Mojopahit King (R. Wijaya Kertajaya Jayawardana). According to the story; it was “Punden” which was called LEMAH GENENG (Siti Inggil). [More...]
Tikus Temple (the 'rat temple') is located about 500 meters south east of Bajang Ratu Temple. Precisely located in Temon village, Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency, sized 16 m length, 16 m width, and 3,5 m height. [More...]
Wringinlawang temple is a “Gateway” of all temples in Trowulan area. The reason is the visitors will meet this old building for the first they visit Trowulan’s temples. Actually, Wringinlawang is not a temple building, but it is a gateway building. [More...]



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