Tourism Objects

7. Ranu Kumbolo

Ranu kumbolo (8ha) is located at the heigt 22,390 m over the sea surface ,I,e ranu- pane and mount .Semeru historically and geologicaly. Ranu kumbolo is shaped from masive craters mount . jambangan that has solidefied so that the filing water otomatically not flows down. Until today, Ranu kumbolo is the potentials of delighfullly toursm object. The atractiveneses are that at a yard in wich relatively higger than the sea surfarce there is a lake whit the clear ,freas and unpolluted water , so that atracted the tourist to visit this park.
For the climbers Ranu Kumbolo is he stop place to prepare nex journeianother the west fringe of lake there is a monument . it is the legaci of acient, supposed that this monument is the legaci of majapahit empire. However until today has not earned the certainty. In particularn at the watery area of the lake we can see the living of wild animal,I,e Belibis brid . for the enverimental abservers Ranu Kumbolo is essentially the natural laboratori for the studiy and observation of nature that full whit the very rich knowledge.
The facilities are provided in Ranu Kumbolo are pendok pendaki (70m) and MCK that are utilized by the climbers for taking rest, beside the availability of a relative evenly for camping ground. Needs of water may be met whit lake water.

8. Kalimati

Kalimati is the last camping location before sustain the journey. This places usually used for taking rest , because availabelity of water source. That is gap about 500 m from kalimati. And both the yard is relative evenly and also it has been established facility of pondok pendaki and MCK. Temperature in kalimati relatively cooler than other places, because Kalimati area is the vallei of any adjacent hills.

9. Arcopodo

Arcopodo or recopodo is located in the middle between Kalimati and Mount Semeru. In this places there are twin statue (Arcopodo or Recopodo ) and some monuments of the died and lots climbers when climbing the moutn. Semeru in this places utilized for temporarily resting before sustain the journey to the top of Mahameru.

10. Mahameru and Kawah Jonggring Saloko

Mahameru is another name of the peak of Semeru Mountain (3,676 m asl.) in Java it has wide kawah called Jonggring Saloko. Since it is the highes Mountain , from its peak ,we can enjoy wonderful scenery below it such as :
west side : malang City,
north side : Kepolo mountain and Tengger,
south side :shout beach line,
east side : Argopura Mountain
Among nature lovers , especialy climber from eatsjava , even some climber from yokyakarta bandung , semeru mountain is challenging one and always be place for nice climbing every year.