Ranupane Complex

Actually this object is a pond or lake which is located in the -+12 m dpl height surroundby plateau. Sometimes we can see some Belobis birds along these lake. In this place, the visitor will be able to enjoy a beautiful and peace place. Places around the Ranu Pane lake often uses as a place to camp.

Ranu pane - Semeru Mountain - Ranu pane

This track is much more suitble if we call it as an explorer track because along this track , we will be able to enjoy the wilderness place Ranu Pane which is still very wild and quite. We rarely can see the wild animal althoug its tracks are often seen. The condition of the trail is relatively safe and good, and the time which is needed to pass throug this track is about 34 hours.

Ranu Pane - Semeru mountain - Ranu pane

This track is usually used as a track to climb the Semeru mountain (3.767m asl) whith the length of the journey which is suggested is at leats 2 days from Ranu Pane. By taking this route we can find a lot of beautiful scenery such as : Waturenjeng , Ranu kumbolo ,Oro-oro Ombo, Cemoro Kadang, Banjangan , Kalimati, Arcopodo , Cemoro Tunggal & Mahameru the time which is needed from Ranu Pane to Mahameru is about 17 Km.

And the length of the time which is suggested is about 2 days from Ranu Pane with details : the first day in the morning , we leave from Ranu pane Kumbolo, we have lunch and take a rest in Ranu Kumbolo . in the evening, we leave Ranu Kumbolo and go to Kalimati and it takes 3 hours to go there, and then we have dinner and take a rest in Kalimati in the early morning (at 02.00), we continue our journey to the Mahameru until the next morning (the second day) , and about 10.00 o'clock in the morning, we return to Ranu Pane, and arrive at Ranu Pane at 19. 00 o'clook in the evening. Since the distace is so far , it is suggested , especialy for climber wich is a gonna climb the Semeru Mountain, to prepare everiying well ,either their ohisic or their mental and also their equipment. cultural tourism.

One of the cultural tourism in the TN-BTS is 'Yadnya Kasada Ceremony' this Ceremony is very unique and it is celebrate every time the condition of the moon is full (the date is 24-25 Kasodo month or the tweve month according to the calender of the Tengger'sebelah society) .the kasada day celebrated by Tengger'sebelah society which is live around the Tengger mountain , and the people bring hlaf oftheir cattle and their havest, and the thrown it away to the crater Bromo Monutain and this ceremoni is made to show their thanks to the one who create and gives lives.

The activities of this Ceremoni is centered in the 'poten' that is a temple which is located in the "laut pasir" and its function is a place where people can gather whit the 'Dukun' . from all of all the Tengger'sebelah area, besides that this place is also used as a place to test and install the cadidate of the new'dukun'. The tempereture in tjis place is very cold but is does not not stop them to the ceremony and the people who com to see the ceremony is also never give up whit this cold condition and the will watch it until it is over.