The Potential Tourism Objects Around the Park Area

The tourism objec around the TN-BTS in the radius 75 Km is very Various as the mountainous are, the beautiful scenery, beautiful sea and beach, the history in hertance (temple,etc.), mosque and traditional house, art and culture, custom and tradition and hadicrafts,etc.

Kasada Ceremony

This 'Yadnya Kasada Ceremony' this Ceremony is very unique and it is celebrate every time the condition of the moon is full (the date is 24-25 Kasodo month or the tweve month according to the calender of the Tengger'sebelah society).

From the cultural side, the most dominant in this TN-BTS's area is the cultural of the Tengger society . the Tengger's people traditionally still defend their way of life which its cultural is come from their acient and the ting that make a lot a people interested in this culture is its unique culture.. Kasada ceremony is the aniversary day for the Tengger's society and in that time the Tennger's society celebrate it by giving a holiday to all the people who live in Tengger and celebrating it by establising entertaiment such as : Tandak, Jaranan, etc.. in this ceremoni the 'Dukun' have the most important role in leading directly the ceremoni although sometimes they also lead stone other ceremonu such as : religius ceremoni, wedding ceremony , 'khitan'. Giving medicine,etc. they holy the widodaren cave which is located near the bromo mountain and they use it to 'semedi' and taking the holi water for the ceremoni. And the pray is done in the temple which is called "sanggar Pamujan" .

T the kasada day celebrated by Tengger'sebelah society which is live around the Tengger mountain , and the people bring hlaf oftheir cattle and their havest, and the thrown it away to the crater Bromo Monutain and this ceremoni is made to show their thanks to the one who create and gives lives.

The activities of this Ceremoni is centered in the 'poten' that is a temple which is located in the "laut pasir" and its function is a place where people can gather whit the 'Dukun' . from all of all the Tengger'sebelah area, besides that this place is also used as a place to test and install the cadidate of the new'dukun'. The tempereture in tjis place is very cold but is does not not stop them to the ceremony and the people who com to see the ceremony is also never give up whit this cold condition and the will watch it until it is over.

Karo Ceremony

This ceremony is done in the Karo moutnh (second mounth) ,and it is celebrate by every family in the tengger by giving "sesajen"and "sedekah" and the "dukun"and their flower visiting every house in the tengger and giving prayer in order to make them save and to make the vilage clean from the evil. In this ceremony, all "jimat" belongs to Tengger's people are got from 'Sanggar agung' (the place to keep the heirloom) and the 'jimat' is taken out from the 'kluntung'/tanduk which is placed on the top of the'nyalam' and packed whit the banana's leaves and then incense it by fumes and folled by the speling from the 'Dukun' . they will invite every visitor who pass by and aks them to join them and enjoy the foot which already prepared and the visitor muts not refused it.