Tourism Objects

4. Mount Widodaren

Mountor Cave Widodaren is located beside Mt.Batok and is tourism potentials objec with the special atractivenes. one of the appeal of this objec is that this location consitutes a sacred tourism objects thar from a cave and a sarced water resource. Inside of that cave and asarced water resources.Inside of that cave there is a somewhat broader place and inside that place there is abig stone that is used to provide somethings to be sacrificied and put nadar that also utilized as the place for meditation especially for comunities of Tengger for praying to the syangyang widi.
Around that cave ,exactly beside there are believe that eficacy of the water resource that will never dry and according to comonity of Tengger , it is sacred water from Widodaren (Mendhak Tira) beside, there ist belive that the efficacy of the water may keeo young and may get the spousefor the umaried person.
In order to rach this object has been made a narrou lane whit the trend nearly forty five degree. So that suggested to tourits for carefuly walking when passing this lane. Another atlaractivenes , when we have already reached the cave , we wel sea abeautifull view at the bottom. I,e sand seaand the adjancent. The more beautifull view when we are enjoiying the view at morning whit the yellow shined sun rise appears at our front.

5. Mount Penanjakan

Peak of moutn Pananjakan is the highets place if compared whit another places of mountainous Tengger. For these reason. In this are we may see the natural beautifulness in the bottom side such as san sea and mount. That is backgrounded by mount. Semeru whit its thick smoke come out this peak of Pananjakan may be seen the beautifulnes of sunrise in the eastward behind the hill we can enjoy the situation mentioned above whit the peacefull situatiound without the noisiness. The provided facilitation are shelter, plaza MCK (places for washing and bath) and cafetaria.

6. Ranu Pane and Regulo

Ranu pne (1 ha) and Ranu regulo (0.75 ha) are two of four lake availabel inTN-BTS. Both lakes the heigt is 2,200 m of sea surface. Both are having a sufficient beauty view , from this place we can see the very fascinating view of mount Semeru whit its smoke comes out and enjoying the wonderfullnes of situations around the lake observing the widl animal in particular the living of belibis bird and observing the cultur and custom of the native inhabitanst.
Arount the lake there is a rural residence (pendukuhan) that consituate last place for TN-BTS tourists in particular for the climber . beside in this rural residence there aer several little shops offering the food and beverage and the equipment for the climber .beside in this rural residence there are in habittants who quiding or carrying the equipment of the climber until reach to top of mount Mahameru (poter).
Beside the tourist for the purpose of climbing ,Ranu Pane -regulo usualy utilized by the tourist for campng obseving the field and activites of open natural tourism. The facilities are provided in ranu pane rgulo are pndok pendaki , pondok jaga , information center , pondok peneliti and camping ground.

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