This most attractive and pleasant hill town in Java is located 90 km South of Surabaya. If you plan to spend a few days in East Java, Malang would be an ideal place for day or weekend trips. This town offers a wide range of visitors accomondation to suit every taste and pocket.

Visiting Batu - the little Switzerland as named by foregners - is really enjoyable. It's now known as a cabbage and apple town. Close to Batu is Selecta with its seimming pool, brethtaking views and colourful roses.

Witness the beauty of nature at such inspiring attractions as Songgoriti, Sengkaling and Wendit. And that's not all : Discover a number of temples worth visiting, such as Singosari, Kidal, Jajaghu ( Jago ) and more. The former is believed to be the burial place of the ashes of Kertanegara - the last King of Singosari Kingdom - and the later is of Wisnuwardhana, the fourth king of the Kingdom.

The two beaches noted for the annual sea festival are Ngliyep and Balekambang. Please keep in mind the dates mentioned in East Java's Calendar of Events.

Ceramic wares and mask handicrafts at Dinoyo and Kedungmonggo villages would probably become your souvenirs to remind you of an unforgettable trip to this town.

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