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 To Explore Madura's major attractions completely will take you there or four days. It's an island off the coast near Surabaya, known as the home of the exotic "Bull Races". The bulls are harnessed in pairs and raced across 120 metres coures in a special open - air stadium. This most unique spectacle is traditionally a great Madurese accasion. The grand Island Championship ( Kerapan Besar) is similar to the Derby Day or the Melbourne Cup, presented in the Island's capital, Pamekasan.The best time to visit this island is when the races are in seasons. Usually after the harvest in the months of Septemebr and October. If you are not in the season, contact your travel agency to charter the races.

After watching the bull races, you 're supposed to think of where to go swimming, Madura has three nice beaches : Camplong, Slopeng and Siring Kemuning which are situated at Sampang, Sumenep and Bangkalan.

Pasean and Pasongsongan are reckoned to be the best spot to see colorfully decorated prahus and outrigger canoes.

The two great royal cemeteries are Air Mata and Asta Tinggi. The former is where Kanjeng Ratu Ibu, the wife of Cakraningrat I was laid to rest. The headstone is worth a look and the view from the grave yard is very spectacular.

Located at Arosbaya. 27 km. from Kamal. The latter is 1,5 km. away from the Kraton Sumenep.

Find also the Museum close to the Kraton. It exhibits a collection of Madurese creese, Chinese porcelain, woodcarving and more, The 17 th century mosque is also worth seeing here.

Try to bargain for Madura's batik. It's has rich glowing red - brown colouring. Never found in other areas ! It's avaliable for souvenirs at Tanjung Bumi, and some stores in towns of the Island.

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