Don't leave Indonesia without enjoying the terrific view at Mount Bromo, a Smoking Volcano, which has become East Java's most popular attraction. This is the perfect destination for your adventurous trip.

Have you ever thought of standing between Heaven and Hell ? Mount Bromo gives you this impression. The extraordinary moonlike atmosphere and the opportunity to stare into the crater are the reasons for visiting. Besides, it provides a spectacular setting from which to observe the sun rise over the island of Bali.

The Tenggerese are mountain people who live in the villages around Bromo. They are descended from the ordinary people of the Majapahit Kingdom who didn't emigrate to Bali when they were Islamicised. Mutual assistace called "Gotong Royong" has been rooted deeply in their daily activities, so that they 're well - known for their hospitality and sincerity to visitors.


As it is very fantastic especially at sun rise, you have to be there early in the morning. Most travel agencies organize this tour and depart from Surabaya at midnight, Accessible from Ngadisari ( Probolinggo ) as well as Tosari ( Pasuruan ), 145 km. SE of Surabaya, about three - hours drive.
If you're a lucky traveler, you 'll visit the volcano during " Kasodo" ceremony together with Bull Races at Probolinggo. Kasodo is an offering ceremony to the Gods of the crater which is usually held annually in the month of January or December.

"Karo" festival is also worth seeing eventhough it may be similar to a New Year's Celebration. But this one is different.

After enjoying this tour, do continue on and pay a visit to "Jabung" temple at Probolinggo as additional enjoyment or go swimming at Pasir Putih beach with its colorful coral garden. It's an ideal beach for wind surfing, sailing, fishing, even snorkeling, or just relaxing.

Chicken race called "Sapp - sapp is regularly presented here on sunday morning twice a month.

Exploring " Blauran" game reserve is an other choice. It's only one - hour drive from the beach.

East Java's typical animals can be easily seen from the tower.

Many tourists drop here on their way to Banyuwangi then to Bali.

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