The Plated Waves at Bambang Beach

A seaside resort on the shore of the Indonesian ocean named Bambang Beach located at Bago village, Pasirian district, about 24 km from Lumajang downtown can be reached by cars or motorcycle with paved road access. Bambang Beach has huge and plated waves and believed to the locals as the sit of Nyi Roro Kidul, the legend Queen of South Sea.

A sandy beach type, also serves to accommodate rain water so that although near the sea but there are plenty of fresh water. Along the edge of beach lay black grains of sand spread wide. Here, the black sand from Semeru mountain flowing along the lava or river, with the characteristics of black sand and high-grade iron. While the west side lined with rows of mountains add to the beauty of the beach panorama. With the potential of Bambang beach tourism are expected to attract more tourists. Increased facilities, although there is a need to continue to be done, so that visitors more comfortable.

Security at Bambang Beach is guaranteed because during holidays the government tightens security to minimize crime as well as safeguarding the security of visitors on the coast, the government cooperates with the surrounding community to form a security team consisting of members of Pasirian Police Station, Koramil Pasirian member, Lumajang Police , And also the SAR team. Thus security at Bambang Beach is guaranteed so that visitors feel safe and comfortable during the holidays there.

Besides well-known as the big waves, also famous as a producer of Ornamental Stone shaped round or oval with various size, characteristic and uniqueness which formed naturally from river estuary sediment in coastal area. These decorative stones have various characteristics. There is a coarse texture and smooth. There are black, red and even bluish white. In terms of size also vary, ranging in size 1 cm to 10 cm. In terms of shape there is a round, oval and flat.

The price vary greatly depending on the natural conditions because sometimes at certain times (tidal waves) is very difficult to get as needed. But usually for black colors are more expensive because of the limited amount.

Natural ornamental stones are usually used for home decoration, gardening, pedestrian, ponds, and so forth. With a touch of fine art even become very decent and pleasing to the eye. For temporary management of natural stone has not been done well, only personal or individual who certainly without armed with good management as well. Though the needs order has also increase and continue to flow even from outside the city and province.

Visit Bambang Beach in Lumajang and enjoy its interesting beach.

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