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Lumajang is one of the regencies located on the south coast of the province of East Java. Lumajang is also called “Banana Town”. The regency of Lumajang is about 190 km from Surabaya, the capital of East Java. Lumajang is located at 112° 53’ - 113° 23’ east longitude and 7° 54’ - 7° 23’ south longitude. In the year 2000 the population was 965, 299 in an area of 179,090 km2. Lumajang is divided into 18 sub-districts and 200 smaller areas. The regency of Lumajang includes the western area of the regency of Malang, the eastside of Jember, and the north of the regency of Probolinggo.


The following are three components of the crest:

  1. Form
  2. Color
  3. Meaning

1. Form

  • The form is symmetrical hexagon which is framed by a circle.
  • The middle contains depictions of the national monument of the town of Lumajang with Mt. Semeru in the background. It also depicts rice fields encircled by the tobacco leaf.
  • On the left and right are circles describing the rice paddy and cotton.
  • On the top is inscribed LUMAJANG regency and below AMRETA BRATA WIRA BHAKTI, which is a motto in the local language of Kawi.

2. Color

  • The base shield is a bottle green with a rose colored frame which blends into white.
  • The monument is depicted as a white chromatic sillouhuete with black contour. The mount is in blue with a red flame turning to white. The rice terraces are depicted in bottle green and the tobacco in black.
  • The rice paddy is depicted in bottle green and the cotton white.
  • The rust colored star has five angles with white contour.
  • The text “ LUMAJANG REGENCY ” is depicted in white. The ribbon is of white with black articles.

3. Clarification Of Meaning
This crest or shield portrays an attitude of the soul which is tough and full of decision. The green color is used to express peacefulness, tolerance and friendship and at the same time depicts the fertility of Lumajang Regency.

The red frame which turns into white gives evidence of nationalism and a sense of unity as a part of the Republic of Indonesia. The depiction of national monument of Lumajang town gives reference to Lumajang as the capital of the regency. The background of the moment refers to the important geographical elements of the area, such as Mt. Semeru, the highest mountain in Java. This is a place where it is believed that deities stay and it is regarded as an important high place of wisdom. The terracing of rice fields portrays one of the most important elements to Lumajang, the industry of agriculture.

The primary crop of Lumajang is rice which is followed closely by tobacco. The depictions on the crest give reference to these important industries in the life of people of the area. The depictions of the rice paddy and the cotton also seek to represent the aim to realize a prosperous and fair society where all can be involved in promoting the economic progress of the region. The numbers of items on the crest also give reference to the Proclamation of Independence of Indonesia. The star with five angles on the top portrays the Five Principles, which is the state philosophy and attitude of the nation of Indonesia. All Indonesians have a responsibility to hold these principles in high regard. For example, the first principle is believing in One God. The Indonesians are to swear to upholding these principles and should put them into practice in their lives. The title “ LUMAJANG REGENCY” identifies the depicted area. The motto “AMRETA BRATA WIRA BHAKTI” means eternal benefaction is an attitude full of devotion. This crest, or shield, inspires the people to practice the Five Principles and to have pride in their area and their nation.

Art and Culture
Art Carnival - For the community in Lumajang, Indonesian Independence Day is always characterized by a graceful and attractive art carnival of traditional and modern dances. The procession is situated along the downtown road. People from all parts of Lumajang and the surrounding towns can enjoy the big event, performed between the 19th and the 22nd of August.

The Birthday of Lumajang
The MULA MALURUNG inscription says that Lumajang was inaugurated on the 15th of December 1255 AD. Therefore this day was pronounced as the birthday of Lumajang. It is commemorated annually by performing a set of processions which portray the coronation of ARYA WIRARAYA as the first authority holder in Lumajang. The ceremony is held at the PENDOPO KABUPATEN (county open audience hall).

Latest News

Mandara Giri Temple, The Hindus Temple and Ceremonial Stage – Lumajang

Mandara Giri Temple Mandara Giri Temple is one of religious tourims in Lumajang that often visited by many pilgrimage. This great temple also save Lumajang history in the past. When you are lucky, you can visit this temple while the traditional ceremony being held and there will be interesting ceremonial presented. At this location a religious ceremony is performed by Hindus, who are primarily Balinese. They perform the MEMENDAK THIRTHA ceremony and the MJEJAUMAN ceremony on Mount Semeru. The annual ceremonies are conducted in July. Balinese traditional dances are performed…

Dampar Beach – Lumajang

Dampar Beach Dampar Beach is located in Bades Village, in Pasirian district, about 28 Km from Lumajang. It is a popular tourist beach with beautiful white sand along the beach. Dampar Beach is one of Lumajang beaches that offers its calm waves and soft wind. The visitors can do some beach activities in this beach, such as; swimming, fishing, diving, beach sport on the white sand that spread along the beach, and the others. Visit this beach and spent your holiday with your family here. www.eastjava.com

Mahameru, The Highest Mountain In Java Land

Semeru Mountain Semeru Mountain, most people recognize as just Semeru, is a volcano mountain that settled in East Java, precisely in Lumajang regency. Semeru in the highest mountain in Java which has 3.676 meter above sea level and it also known as the Mahameru or Great Mountain. The name Semeru was derived from Hindu-Buddhist mythical mountain of Meru or Semeru, the abode of gods. The summit crater in Semeru is called Jonggring Saloka. In 1913 and 1946 the Jonggring Saloka Crater had dome with a height of 3744.8 M until…

The Humble Tengger People

Tengger People Tenggerese or Tengger People is one of Indonesian tribes that live around Bromo Mountain which located around Pasuruan, Lumajang, Probolinggo and Malang Regency. The Tenggerese are the descendants of the Majapahit Princes. Their population is about 600.000 inhabitants within thirty villages. Tenggerese are being known as obedient Hindu followers. For them, Bromo Mountain is sacred. In once in a year they held ceremony of Kasada or Yadnya Kasada as a thanks giving to the Lord. This ceremony is always held in midnite in full moon time around date…

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