Kemiren Tourism Village

Time changes, culture remain. Kemiren village, in Glagah District, Banyuwangi, is the only village that still exists by its tradition until present time.

Banyuwangi cultural heritage still remain by the existing of Kemiren Village as one of tourism objects nowadays. The people and the government are together maintaining the tourism as a genuine tourism object to show the particular things which arose from the old Banyuwangi till present time.

The culture itself is stand still with its genuine parts, like the everlasting history which still remain by the time changes. For instance, the houses around Kemiren village are charmingly stood with its unique architecture of Gebyuk and the traditional inside the house.

Nevertheless, between the tradition and modernization is also being particularly united as shows in farming method. The farmers nowadays are effectively using the modern ways to their lands, in order to practice the result and also to get the quality of the harvest.

Another custom which still remain is the way of Wedding Ceremony. Banyuwangi people is still face into traditional marriage with serial of actions to do before the day of the bride and the groom meet and being legalize as husband and wife. For example, the first step from wedding day is start by doing Lamaran Manten or marriage proposal. On Lamaran Manten, the groom and the family attending the bride's house to propose the women while bringing the Seserahan or kind of Gift to bride's family. After the Seserahan has taken by the bride's family, those are choosing the right date to go to the wedding day.

American has their own Thanksgiving Day, so is Kemiren Village, which also has their own Thanksgiving to say grateful to merciful God for the bounty harvest and peace. On that day, the inhabitants are gathering on one place by bringing Tumpeng. Tumpeng is one of Indonesian traditional food which made of yellow rice inside and it has conical form on it. The inhabitant made thousands of Tumpeng or it calls as Tumpeng Sewu. Hence, Banyuwangi's Thanksgiving is being called as Tumpeng Sewu ceremony.

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