Penataran Temple

The temple complex of Penataran, which lies about 10 kilometres to the north of Blitar, is the largest in East Java. Known to ancient literature, as well as to inscriptions, as Palah, this temple appears to have undergone continuous construction for some two and a half centuries. Its importance can be witnessed further by the regular visits paid to it by King Hayam Wuruk of Majapahit, as mentioned in the Nagarakertagama. One of the prominent buildings in the complex, the so-called 'dated temple', was in fact built during the king's reign.

Even though Penataran dates back to at least the reign of King Srengga of Kediri at the end of the 12th century, the remains which we see today are almost entirely the work of Majapahit architects and builders. Inscriptions discovered at the site reveal dates equivalent to A.D.1319, 1320, 1323, 1347,1373,1375 and 1379. The very earliest date, from 1197, can be found on a large stone inscription standing on the south side of the main building, while the latest were inscribed in 1415 and 1454.


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