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The archaeological sites of Majapahit consist, for the most part, of the remains of religious foundations, or Temple, built usually from stone or brick. From the two most important and informative literary sources dealing with the history of Majapahit, the Nagarakertagama and Pararaton, we learn that a large number of sacred buildings were constructed as memorial shrines to deceased rulers and their families. The death of a king or queen saw the beginning of a series of funeral rites designed to guide the departed soul back to the source from which it had originated.

These rites culminated in the shraddha ceremony, held 12 years after death, upon completion of which it was believed that final liberation was ensured. In memory of the deceased,a stone image of a god or goddess, with whom the ruler had been identified in life, was fashioned as an 'ideal portrait' and placed within a shrine. The Nagarakertagama gives a very complete description of the sbraddha.

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The capital city of the 13th to 15th century Majapahit Kingdom

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