Penataran Temple

The World is blessed with everything. A tropical paradise, but there's only one real beauty a singular combination of scenic wonders and cultural heritage . From friendly people to smoking Volcano, etc.

Penataran is the largest and most important Hindu temple complex in East Java. It lies Just 10 kilometres north of Blitar on the lower slopes of Mt Kelud. Dedicated to the god Siva, the temple was in use for at least three hundred years, from the 14th to 16th centuries. Most of the buildings which can be seen today, however, were constructed during Majapahit's golden century.

The layout of the temple is similar to that found in the Balinese pura today. A number of small buildings are scattered within a sacred, walled enclosure, with the largest and most important temple at the rear of the complex. Hindu legends, among them the Ramayana epic, are carved in relief on the temple walls and terrace foundations.