The Exotic of Kawah Ijen Crater

The World is blessed with everything. A tropical paradise, but there's only one real beauty a singular combination of scenic wonders and cultural heritage . From friendly people to smoking Volcano, etc.

The IJen Plateau lies in the centre of the ijen - Merapi - Maelang Reserve, which extends over much of the mountainous region to the west of Banyuwangi, bordering or, the Baluran National Park

A luminous blue/green crater lake lies at the far eastern end of the plateau and is without doubt one of the most impressive of East Java's natural wonders.

The lake can be reached from either the east or the west. The latter is the more popular approach, since it takes just an hour and a half to hike up the mountainside from the road's end. From the Banyuwangi side, however, the trek takes six to seven hours from the village of Licin. Kawah IJen is 2,300 metres above sea-level. The enormous lake, which is 200 metres deep, contains approximately 36,000,000 cubic metres of steaming, acid water. A walk around the crater takes a full day.

Sulphur is mined at the lake's edge and the average yield is nine to twelve tons per day. Experienced sulphur collectors, who are paid by weight, are able to transport loads of up to 70 kg to the top of the crater and then 17 km down the mountainside to Banyuwangi, mostly on foot. After arrival at the factory, the sulphur is treated for use in the production of medicines as well as for processing sugar.