East Java The Jolotundo and Belahan

Two sites on Mt Penanggungan which can be visited quite easily.are the bathing places of Jolotundo and Belahan, located on the western and eastern sides of the mountain respectively. Both date from an earlier historical period than the majority of Penanggungan's temples and are connected with the period of Kediri and specifically King Airlangga, who ruled over Java and Bali early in the 11th century.

Belahan, in fact, is believed to be the burial place of the King himself. Two beautiful life size stones images of the goddesses Sri and Laksmi can be seen at the bathing pool. The famous portrait of 'Airlangga as Vishnu', which used to stand between the two goddesses, was taken from the site some years ago and can now be seen in the museum at Trowulan.

While Candi Belahan faces east and is approached from Pandaan, Jolotundo is located on the other side of the mountain. A narrow road leading north to Ngoro descends from Trawas and winds through the forest. At Jolotundo it is possible to arrange a hike to the mountain's summit, or hire a guide to visit some of the other temple sites which can only be reached on foot.