Jajaghu Temple

Candi Jajaghu, or 'Jago', lies just 22 km east of Malang, in the village of Tumpang. The temple was built in memory of King Wisnuwardhana of Singosari, who died in the latter half of the thirteenth century. The building we see today, however, probably dates from about a century later.

The relief carvings on the temple walls, recounting legends of Hindu, Buddhist and local origin, are among the finest in East Java and express clearly the figurative style of the Javanese wayang kulit, the popular shadow puppet theatre.

The temple's principal chamber, situated on the uppermost level of the building and now almost completely in ruins, used to contain a number of impressive stone statues. One, a headless portrait of King Wisnuwardhana, stands in the temple courtyard along with other remnants found in the vicinity of the site. Four more very beautiful images are on display in the National Museum, Jakarta.