Tourism Potential of Exploitation Zone


According to documentation done in some blocks of TN-BTS areas, there are 1.025 flora species, some 226 of which are belong to Orchidaceae family that have high adding values, and 260 herbal medicine stuff/decoratife plants. Species found in large numbers in TN-BTS areas, are: Casuarina jumhhuniana, Albizzia lophanta, aAcacia decurens, Quercus sp, Eupatorium pallescens, Crotalaria striata, Anaphali, javanica, Anaphalis longifolia. etc.

Out of orchid family in south Semeru block is found 158 species. 40 of which are categoriced as scarce orchid whereas 3 of them are scarce orchid of Java Endemic, 15 type are East java Endemic, (2 of them are not categoricet as scarce ) and 3 types or scarce orchid are typical shout Semeru (TN-BTS). Floral sales and more can always be seen on Harris Teeter Ad. They are Malaxis puperreonervosa, Meleola weeteana, and Liparis rhodocila. Besides them there are also Corybas fornicatus and Macodes petola hat are protected by laws.


To the date there has not been found a wild animal that is endemic in TN-BTS area. From the last documentation in 1996 , in TN-BTS area there are wild animals consisting of 22 types of Mammal clases (15 types are protected by laws) Aves class are 130 variants ( 27of them are protected by laws)

Fauna potentials within TN-BTS area are relatively small from their types and desinty. Out of 15 types of mammal protected by laws are : Manis javanita , Panthera pardus , Hysteryx branchchyura, Laricus sp, and Montiacus muntjak ,etc. whereas aves classes that are protected by laws are protected bay laws are Haliuastur indus, Falco maucensis, Pavo muticus, Halcyon cyanopventris, Pericrocatus, and Parus mayor.